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Cats Protection - Caithness Branch

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Caithness Pets Corner

Helpline number: 0845 371 4217
Postal Address: Caithness Cats Protection, P.O.Box 1, Wick, KW1 4WB.

Caithness Cats Protection Web Site

"The Caithness branch of Cats Protection has only been around since early 2001. However, in that time we've re-homed over 150 cats and kittens. We don't have a centre, but rely on the kindness and hard work of our fosterers, who look after the cats in specially designed pens. At present we have 9 fosterers all over the county.
Before we can re-home a cat, we make sure it's neutered before releasing it to it's new home. We also carry out home checks to make sure the home is suitable and that the new owner is aware of everything that's required to look after a cat. On the rare occasions when a cat is found to be unsuitable (maybe he/she really doesn't get on with the dog!) we can make arrangements to have the cat taken back into care.

Neutering is vital to help keep unwanted cats to an absolute minimum and that's why Cats Protection make sure every cat we home has been neutered. We can also help with the costs of getting an existing pet neutered if the cost is a problem."