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"CLAPSHOT" by W T Lyall

Ye've wined and dined in plush hotels an' fed off menus grand,

T Bone Steaks an' salmon cuts an' chicken Maryland,

Ye've chowwed at chuisy sirloins, till ai greeze ran doon yur chin,

Ai soup 'at wis ai chef's own choice, wis only oot a tin.

An' now ye'ev spent yur last bawbee, an' hed all ye can take,

Fit aboot 'at Caithness dish yur mither used till make,

When next yur at yur own fireside, flat broke an' feelin' low,

Take a feed o' steamin' Clapshot lek ye used till long ago.

(To the uninitiated - clapshot is a mixture of turnips and potatoes - neeps and tatties)