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Thurso Players

Millbank Theatre, THURSO, Caithness, KW14 8PS
Tel 01847 893572
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Betty Bradstreet 01847892019.

Thurso Players was founded in pre-war days.  The club was given part of the old Thurso water mill in 1960 and used the premises as it was until 1980.  The Players then embarked on a project to restore a long-derelict part of the building alongside the used part and turn the whole into a small theatre.

In addition to their own productions put on in the Mill Theatre and elsewhere, the club also promotes professional drama, dance and music.

The theatre premises have no paid staff, the management , running, cleaning and maintenance all being done voluntarily.

Enquiries should be addressed to the Theatre Manager or the Professional Programme Manager at the theatre or telephone 01847 892019.

The Theatre

There are 88 tip-up seats which proscenium performance are raked.   There is ramped access for disabled people.  Refreshments are served in the lounge, where there is a small space available for sales.  Drinks licence available occasionally.

Technical Facilities

Get in via fire door, six steps or ramp.  Internal phone system and show relay to all areas.  Black velour drapes available four stage sides and rear.

the proscenium stage is 6.1 by 4.9m, or arena 3.7 by 7.9m.   Proscenium opening is 6.1 by 4.3m.  The floor is painted chipboard which has been found suitable for dance.  The rear wall can be used as a cyclorama, and there is back-stage crossover.

Access by back-stage doors to dressing room with h&c water.   Iron and board available.  Yamaha Clavinova available.  Refreshments provided for company on request.  No permanent staff, but volunteers available on call.

Rank-Strand Tempus 18-channel lighting board, 10A channel single phase operated from raised control box.  30A supply available for temporary board.   Six spots, two profile spots, four pattern 123 Fresnels, ten Minim Fresnels and two Cantata Fresnels and two Cantata Fresnels.  Ample lighting bars and two lighting stands.

Sounds operated from control box or elsewhere.  200W stereo system with mics, cassette deck and CD player.  Acoustics suitable for music and the spoken word.