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What does ‘substantial access to children’ and vetting mean?

When considering the question of substantial access consider the following questions:

Appropriate vetting may mean different things for different groups:

For all new volunteers and staff it is your committee’s responsibility to discuss and decide upon the checks required.

These will include taking up two written references and follow up telephone calls and may include an SCRO (Scottish Criminal Records Office) check.

You will need to discuss whether your volunteers and staff have substantial access to children as defined above. If you decide they do then your committee will require an SCRO check in addition to the references already requested. For SCRO Forms

Please copy form  Completed forms should be returned to your local contact

· Will the person have one-to-one contact with children?

If ‘yes’ the access must be considered substantial.

· Will the person be supervised? If the person is under close supervision at all times, the access may not be considered substantial, however it will allow close relationships to be formed and this could be exploited.

· Will the person be in an isolated situation with a child?  The risks are greater where a child is with an adult in an isolated situation away from peers and family.

· Will there be regularity of contact? The more regular the contact, the stronger the relationship that may be formed which could be exploited.

· Is overnight care involved? If ‘yes’ then the adult must be fully vetted.

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