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Vetting Checklist

Name of Organisation: ___________________________________________________

Name of Volunteer/Employee: _____________________________________________

This Checklist and a Child Protection Personal Profile Form must be completed for all new volunteers/employees in your organisation who have substantial access to children.

Signed: ___________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________

Name (in block capitals): _____________________________________

Position held in Organisation: ________________________________

1. Have you explained the need for vetting to the potential volunteer/employee?

2. Have you given the volunteer/employee an opportunity to read your Child Protection Policy and discussed any issues arising out of this with him/her?

3. Have you set up a personnel file for the potential volunteer/employee?

4. Has the volunteer/employee completed a Child Protection Personal Profile Form? (Please attach the completed form to this check list)

5. Have you carried out appropriate vetting?

6. Were the results satisfactory?

7. Have you taken up two written references?
(Please attach the references to this check list)

8. Have you followed up these references with either a telephone call or conversation? (Please attach a written record with full details including the date of the call or conversation to this checklist)

9. Has the above individual been approved as a volunteer/employee with

your organisation? (You must be able to answer YES to questions 1-8 above before you sign this form)

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