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Message from the Chair

Hello, would you like to join Caithness Floral Art Club?  We meet in North Highland College in Thurso, usually on the second Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm.  Our annual  subscription is £26.

Further information may be obtained from the Chair, Secretary or
Treasurer.email: flocom04(AT)bttinternet.com

Check Caithness.org What's On for programme details.

We have monthly flower arranging demonstrations by area and national demonstrators which are both interesting and entertaining.  We are affiliated to both SAFAS (Scottish Association of Flower Arrangers Society) and NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangers Society).

New members are welcome.  Further information may be obtained from the Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

From June 2009 - New Caithness Floral Art Club Web Site

Ruby Anniversary for Caithness Floral Art Club - June 2009
Caithness Floral Art Club celebrated their 40th Anniversary in June with a Buffet Meal followed by a demonstration at The Weigh Inn in Thurso. Founding Chairman Pam Ord and Elizabeth Donald, a former chairman, joined club members and their guests to mark the event.
After the meal Pam Ord cut the birthday cake and Elizabeth Donald proposed a toast to the club. Linda Soutar, 2nd Vice President of SAFAS, followed this with a demonstration entitled ‘Celebrations’. 5 beautiful arrangements were made depicting significant anniversaries culminating in a spectacular red arrangement for the Ruby Anniversary of the club.
The new club website has a photo gallery of this year’s arrangements. See http://floralartcaithness.webs.com/

Some Like It Hot - April 2009
Christine McKenna, from Dundee, brought a sizzling display of flower arranging to the April meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club with her title 'Some Like It Hot', a tribute to the film starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Pink roses for Sugar Kane, a very stylist musical interpretation for the 'boys', 3 placements in green and white depicting snowy Chicago skyscrapers, a 'Hot' arrangement suggesting exotic Florida blooms, a linear composition for the sea and beach and for her finale the setting sun with the lovers sailing off in their yacht.

Flowers In D Minor - March 2009
Amanda Coghill chose Flowers in D Minor as the title for her demonstration for the March meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. The first arrangement illustrated Pachelbel's Canon in D Major with flowers placed on the riverbank. The second took Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as the inspiration with a starry sky drape linking flowers reflected in the lake. Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Summer gave us bright summer flowers standing tall in the sunlight with the second placement flattened by the rain! Finally Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake was portrayed using silver twigs, mini gerberas and roses frothed out with gypsophila. Her audience enjoyed listening to the pieces of music while Amanda worked on her designs.

Inspired By.......November 2008
Philida Irving from Northumberland journeyed to Thurso for the final demonstration of the year of the Caithness Floral Art Club. The inspirations for her arrangements were the colours in the landscape around Hexham, her enjoyment of classical guitar music, solving word puzzles, a memorable sunset in Santa Fe and her love of flowers.

Gems With Stems - October 2008
Ada Paul from Ayr made her first visit to Caithness for the October meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Six very stylish arrangements were made to illustrate her title Gems with Stems. Her enthusiasm for flower arranging was obvious as was her eye for colour and form as shown by the different textures and colour combinations she used.

Flowers and Ferlies - September 2008
Sandra Halkett from Llanbryde made six lovely contemporary floral arrangements at the September meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her definition of ferlie as a marvel, a curiosity or an unexpected chance find gave her inspiration for each design.

Global Extravaganza - August 2008
Caithness Floral Art Club were delighted to welcome Sharon Stevenson from the Flower Shop in Thurso to demonstrate for them. Using a lovely selection of blooms, some sprayed to fit her theme, along with a wide variety of florists' foliage Sharon made arrangements entitled Antarctica, Mexico, China, South Africa and Egypt to give us her interpretation of a Global Extravaganza.

Nature's Palette - June 2008
A welcome return visit by Irene Parker from Hexham helped Caithness Floral Art Club celebrate their 39th Birthday. This talented flower arranger with her clever use of both colours and interesting foliages beautifully illustrated Nature's Palette to an appreciative audience.

Melody Time - May 2008
Moyra Turnbull from Crieff, SAFAS Education Officer enjoyed a return to Caithness in May to demonstrate to the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her title Melody Time was illustrated in mainly monochromatic arrangements. Candle in the Wind, Goldfinger, Teddy Bears' Picnic, Anyone Who Had a Heart, and Congratulations were the well known song titles the audience had to guess.

Diversity Of Art - April 2008
Vera Ferguson from Kirkcaldy, an international demonstrator and judge, revisited Thurso for the April meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Vera's designs depicting the Diversity of Art used a colourful range of seasonal flowers along with orchids, anthuriums, lisianthus, alstromeria, sunflowers and gerberas. Vera always brings unusual craft pieces with her to use along with her flower arrangements. This time several collages complemented her striking arrangements.

Caithness My Home - March 2008
Caithness My Home was the title chosen by Amanda Coghill from Wick for the March demonstration of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Using large posters of scenes she had photographed as her inspiration she illustrated the Dounreay dome, a sunset at Loch More, rural Caithness at the Loch of Yarrows, a cascade of flowers for the Latheronwheel coastline and the windmills beside the Causewaymire. Once again Amanda brought unfamiliar plant materials to use in her arrangements - Craspedia and Asclepias - 'Moby Dick'.

Season Of Candlelight - November 2007
Jo Goldsworthy from Stonehaven's title Season of Candlelight enabled her to the use a varied colour palette in her arrangements for the Caithness Floral Art Club. Autumn, Fireworks, Firelight, A Frosty Garden, A Christmas present and Christmas were depicted utilising a beautiful selection of flowers and foliage.

Nature's Bounty - October 2007
Peggy Reid from Cupar brought Nature's Bounty to Caithness with her demonstration to Caithness Floral Art Club. Lovely colour combinations along with attractive shapes in her foliage resulted in five eye-catching arrangements.

The Glory Of The Garden - September 07
The Glory of the Garden was the title chosen by Evelyn Young from Dundee, SAFAS Area Demonstrator and past Chairman of SAFAS, who revisited the Caithness Floral Art Club this month. Using a wide range of foliages, flower colours and some fruit and mini vegetables Evelyn's arrangements depicted a summer garden, a winter garden, a vegetable garden, a rose garden and an autumn garden. Evelyn had searched the internet to find sayings related to gardens which she shared with her audience during the evening. A garden is a friend you can visit any time. If you want to be happy for a lifetime plant a garden.

Fun With Flowers - August 2007
Diana Chalmers from Contin gave the Caithness Floral Art Club a demonstration entitled Fun with Flowers. Using holiday visits to animal research projects in South Africa and Botswana and experimenting with plant materials Diana made 5 designs. She interpreted African Spotted Wild dogs ready for release into the wild, a leopard up a tree with its kill with hyenas waiting below, a group of elephants, children safe behind the fence in an orphans’ village and Zulu Nguni cattle whose hides have a symmetrical pattern.

Dreams - June 2007
Carol Grieves, from Brampton in Cumbria, shared some of her dreams with us. Visiting castles, being a ballerina, finding a treasure chest, relaxing somewhere hot by the sea and visiting the National Flower Arranging Show were those she chose to illustrate with flowers. Club members then enjoyed a piece of the excellent birthday cake celebrating 38 years

What A Wonderful World - May 2007
Maureen Phimister, an Area Demonstrator from Edinburgh, brought a contemporary style of flower arranging to the May meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment in sharing her love of flowers with her audience shone through. As a prize-winning flower arranger at national level she shared tips to help those who enjoy the competitive side of flower arranging. Maureen took as her theme the song “What a Wonderful World.” Each arrangement reflected a segment of the song.

That's Entertainment - April 2007
John Dalton from Carlisle made a welcome return visit to Thurso for the April meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. John used a lovely selection of flowers including orchids, anthuriums, molucella, viburnum and gerberas along with a wide variety of foliage textures. An appreciative audience listened to his stories and jokes while enjoying his floral arrangements.

Colour Lights Up The World - March 2007
Amanda Coghill from Wick demonstrated for the March meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her arrangements showed us some of the latest trends in floristry. Using foliage types with different form, texture and colour to highlight her choice of flowers she achieved her goal of creating something totally different. Amanda rounded off the evening by placing tiny coloured lights in the finished arrangements.

The Holly And The Ivy - November 2006
Annette Stoker from Inverness entertained the Caithness Floral Art club with a demonstration entitled The Holly and the Ivy. Each arrangement contained either holly berries or a variety of ivy leaves. Her arrangements hinted at Christmas to come with baubles and tiny lights bringing seasonal touches to her display.
The club has no more meetings until March 2007

Gifts Of Silence - October 2006
Marion Chandler from Newton Stewart made a welcome return visit to Thurso to demonstrate to the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her title Gifts of Silence referred to the fact that flowers and foliage contribute to the visual sense and gave her scope to use shape, form and texture in a variety of colour combinations to make six very pleasing arrangements with most of the foliage coming from her own garden.

Inspired By - September 2006
Caithness Floral Art Club welcomed Isabel Greenaway from Kirkcaldy making a return visit to Thurso. Her title Inspired by…. gave her scope to give each arrangement a distinctive colour palette using a wide mixture of foliage and flowers. Covent Garden, Fana Folklore Bergen, Whisky Distilling, the Carnival in Venice and the Azure window in Gozo were her chosen inspirations.

Fun With Flowers - August 2006
Joan Slobom, a member of the Sutherland Floral Art Club, demonstrated this month for the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her title Fun with Flowers allowed her to show what could be done with easily available flowers. Her arrangements were ably executed in sizes suitable to fit any home.

An Enchanted Birthday - June 2006

Caithness Floral Art Club celebrated its 37th birthday with a demonstration by Rosalind Walker from Driffield. Her title Enchantment gave her plenty of scope to indulge in delightful flower combinations that were enhanced by her choice of containers. She brought with her some of the newer varieties of roses available from florists and a lovely selection of Hostas from her own garden. After completing her arrangements Rosalind cut the birthday cake that was then enjoyed by all those present.

The Plant Hunters - May 2006
The Plant Hunters was the theme when Hazel Hall from York gave a very informative demonstration to the Caithness Floral Art Club. Using a wide variety of foliages along with a lovely array of flowers she created six arrangements in tribute to the exploits of Joseph Banks, Ernest Wilson, Charles Clusius, Francis Masson, Frank Kingdon Ward and David Douglas, showcasing their introductions from around the globe to our rich plant heritage.

At This Time Of Year - April 2006
John Dalton travelled from Carlisle to give the Caithness Floral Art Club a demonstration called At This Time of Year. A stunning selection of flowers and foliage was used to make five beautiful arrangements that were raffled afterwards. John kept everyone entertained with his stories of triumphs and mishaps during his years as a flower arranger.

An Element Of Colour - March 2006
Eileen Barraclough from Shipley braved the snow on her journey north to get Caithness Floral Art Club off to a flying start for 2006 with her demonstration entitled An Element of Colour. Using a wide variety of plant materials both in foliage and flowers she showed how colour can lift the spirits and enhance our lives. Eileen had plenty of useful tips about preparing plant materials for use, even showing how to plait a Kentia palm.

Nostalgic Christmas  - November 2005
Patsy Millar from Monifieth shared a Nostalgic Christmas with the Caithness Floral Art Club. An Advent ring followed by an Alternative Christmas tree preceded a visit to Canada, memories of Christmas with a favourite aunt with the Finale a candlelit arrangement. Staged with lovely fabrics and containers to a musical accompaniment Patsy certainly got us in the mood to start our own Christmas preparations.

A Touch Of The Tropics - October 2005
Irene Parker from Northumberland brought a touch of the Tropics to Caithness when she demonstrated at the October meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her title Flower Passion allowed her to choose a selection of exotic blooms. Cymbidium and dendrobium orchids, heliconia, anthuriums and mini gerberas were combined with Shamrock chrysanthemums, Montenegro lilies, alstromeria, roses, carnations, lilies, dyed grevilla leaves and bold shaped foliage to make some stunning arrangements. Among her inspirations were a visit to Japan, Indian saris and Gaugin’s Polynesian paintings.

Dancing With Flowers September 2005
A most entertaining evening was enjoyed by the Caithness Floral Art Club when Lynda Fraser, from Carlisle, gave a demonstration called Dancing with Flowers. 
First a Polka from the King and I evoked the exotic from Thailand, next a waltz from the musical Carousel executed in delicate colours. Dancing among the chimney pots with Bert and the children from Mary Poppins was followed by the BBC’s Come Dancing complete with glittering orbs. Scottish country dancing with a touch of tartan made a vibrant impact before the finale, a Floral Dance complete with maypole.

Members Creations August 2005
The August Meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club saw committee members stepping up to arrange flowers with the title Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 8 arrangements, in varying styles, were made during the evening with 3 others done earlier for inclusion in the raffle.

Demonstration by Mr John Thexton from Cumbria - June 05
In June the Floral Art Club celebrated its 36th birthday with a demonstration by Mr John Thexton from Cumbria. In June the Floral Art Club celebrated its 36th birthday with a demonstration by Mr John Thexton from Cumbria.  While creating large and varied arrangements, in both traditional and modern styles, he kept the audience entertained with a continuous flow of stories and helpful tips.  At seven feet tall, his final design brought a touch of summer and a taste of an English country garden to a rather grey Caithness evening.

Inspired By Artists - May 2005
Anne Buchan from Crieff gave the Caithness Floral Art Club a demonstration entitled Inspired by Artists. The Dutch Masters, Garden Designers, Modern seascape artist John Lowrie Morrison, Monet’s garden at Giverny, Floral Artists and Beatrix Potter were those she chose to illustrate. Anne encouraged members to advance their arranging skills by trying newer trends in Floral Art.

Meanderings - April 2005
Annette Stoker, now chair person of the Inverness Club, made a welcome return to Thurso for the April meeting of the Caithness Floral Art Club. Her demonstration entitled Meanderings was a series of Contemporary Designs that took us from Scotland to Italy, Malaysia, South Africa and Yorkshire. Mrs Stoker arranged a colourful assortment of flowers and foliage, which reflected the countries she was portraying, using accessories gathered during her travels.

Focus On Fun - Mar 2005
Caithness Floral Art Club began its 2005 programme on Thursday when Kate Kerr, a National Demonstrator, from Dumfries gave us a demonstration called Focus on Fun. Her contemporary floral designs used a variety of flowers, colours and foliages in each arrangement. Whether a novice or experienced flower arranger, everyone spent a most enjoyable evening watching Kate work and listening to her entertaining stories.

C Is for Christmas - Nov 2004