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Hillhead Primary School’s Home Reading Initiative –
funded by the Scottish Executive - March 2005


Dear Parent,
You will all now have received several book bags and we hope that you and your child have been enjoying the books. Certainly the comments on the parent and child response forms have generally been very positive. We have had some super pictures come back. Although none of the photographs have been processed yet, we look forward to seeing them. Do make sure you use the camera and take at least six photographs when you get a camera home. We will feature some of the photographs in the next newsletter


Some of the books in the Home from Hillhead scheme have been specially chosen to appeal to boys. Books on construction site machines and dinosaurs are usually of interest to boys. From the responses received about the books we can see that lots of mums have been doing the reading and getting responses from their child. We have had some really good responses. Even one or two Dads have taken a turn.

Oval Callout: Dads, Have you been reading with your child?

There has been a great deal of research in to why boys tend not to do so well at school. The importance of showing young boys a good male role model who takes an interest in reading things has been identified. Through this exposure, young boys will develop more positive attitudes about reading. So get Dad, granddad or even an older brother to do the reading for a change. This simple act may well have long-term benefits for your child. Reading books is for men too!

One of the oldest and perhaps one of the highest selling books in the selection we used are the Topsy and Tim books. Originally published in the 1960s, over 130 Topsy and Tim titles have been published in many different formats. With sales of more than 21 million copies (over a million copies have been sold in the UK since


Books in the Home from Hillhead Packs
The books in the Home from Hillhead collection have been chosen to represent a wide variety of types of children’s books, which will appeal to a broad range of nursery pupils. They are:

 A Squash and a Squeeze  by Julia Donaldson
This story shows how the advice from a few farmyard animals and a wise old man enables a little old lady to find that her house isn't so small after all.


Goodnight Lulu  by Paulette Bogan 
Poor Lulu the hen, can't sleep - she is worried. But Lulu need not worry. Her mother is there to keep her safe and soothe away her fears.


Scoop the Digger!  by David Wojtowcyz
Scoop the digger boasts that he has the most important job on the building site. When he gets stuck in cement however, Scoop is forced to swallow his pride and ask for help. The story conveys the message of working as a team.

Rosie's Walk  by Pat Hutchins
When Rosie the hen sets off for a stroll she is unaware of the distinctly fox-shaped shadow that's following her. But luckily for Rosie, her follower is a bit clumsy.


Five Minutes' Peace  by Jill Murphy

This is a story about Mr and Mrs Large who are elephants. In this book, Mrs Large attempts to have five minutes' peace.

I'll Show You, Blue Kangaroo!.  by Emma Chichester
Clark Lily has been a bit naughty. But she goes too far with the baby on the see-saw and poor Blue Kangaroo is left clinging to a branch, with the stuffing hanging out of his tail. Just when is Lily ever going to be good? "I'll show you, Blue Kangaroo!" she says:

Topsy and Tim Have a Birthday Party
Topsy and Tim Go to the Doctor
Go to the doctor by Jean and Gareth Adamson.
Twins Topsy and Tim are involved in two real life experiences.


Dinosaurs Galore! by Giles Andrea and David Wojtowycz This is a swampland adventure where you can meet silly Diplodocus, larger-than-life Gigantosaurus, and the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Slimy Book  by Babette Cole
The pages of this book are packed with every imaginable sort of slime, from slimy pockets to slimy limbs and even fat ladies rubbing slime into their skin.

One of the writers featured in our packs is Babette Cole. Her books often look at topics, which might embarrass or be seen as ‘unmentionable’ to an adult reader. “The Slimy Book” takes a look at some of the slimy, unpleasant things that can be found. Babette Cole has written a large number of books, which are often slightly controversial. Her books deal with a range of issues for a variety of age groups. Topics cover smelly, slimy things, the onset of puberty (Hair in Funny Places) and the facts of life (Mummy Laid an Egg).

Hillhead nursery pupils have enjoyed The Slimy Book. Declan enjoyed reading it and ‘especially the “fat ladies rub slime on their skin” page!’ Coran loved the “yucky pictures” Below you can see some of the slimy things the nursery learners have drawn as a response to the book.

Declan's slimy monster

Jack Duncan's snail

Danielle's snail

Jack Duffy's monster

Lesley's monster