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4 MARCH 2005


Enrolment for children starting the 4 year old and 3 year old Nurseries commences next week. Children born between 1 March 2001 and 28 February 2003 are eligible for places during the session 05/06.


The response to the request for swim escorts was very poor. On Wednesday morning, for the first day of swimming, I had one granny and 2 parents – one of whom works off-shore. There are 147 families in the school. I had hoped we would be able to establish a bank of at least 4 escorts from this. If you are able to give up approx 40 minutes of your time once a week please contact the school office. If I do not have enough parent volunteers I will have to withdraw Support for Learning Auxiliaries from classes to walk children to and from the pool. This means removing valuable support from children in class.

I would like to say a special thank you to the parents who have already volunteered.

Please note there will be NO swim session on Wednesday, 9 March as Moira McBeath has organised an inter-school swim relay for the town schools. Five boys and 5 girls from primaries 5-7 will be taking part. We wish them the best of luck in this fun event.


Just to remind you the school will close at the normal time on Thursday, 24 March and reopen on Tuesday, 12 April.


Attached to this newsletter is a uniform order form. If you require an order please return the form and payment to the office before the Easter break. Please note this is our main order for the year. Term 4 is a busy time for the company who supplies our uniform. We are ordering now to guarantee delivery before the Summer break.

Following last year’s school sports many people commented on the children wearing their team colour t-shirts and how nice they looked but how difficult it was to source them. We have been in touch with the company and they can supply us with t-shirts in the three house colours complete with school badge. These cost £4.50 each for child sizes and £5.00 for adult sizes. If you wish to order any t-shirts please complete the tear-off slip at the end of this newsletter and return with payment to the office by Friday, 18 March. This will ensure they will be in school for the summer term.


An XS black sweatshirt has gone missing from primary 5 with Kerri Mackay’s name on it.


Just a reminder that children are invited to wear red and a weird hair do for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day on Friday, 11 March for the small cost of £1. A ‘Barnett Drive’ will be held in the afternoon. There will also be red nose pancakes on sale at tuck time that morning for a cost of 20p per pancake.


Bruce Robertson, Director of Education, Culture and Sport has let us know that the Highland Schools raised a total of £64386 for the Tsunami appeal. Mr Robertson has expressed his thanks for the support of the children throughout Highland Council.


Bids were received totalling £100 for the mountain bikes donated by RWE Nukem. This will go towards the Edinburgh trip for P7.


The menus will return to week 1 after the Easter holidays.


Copies of PTA minutes are available on the website and also on the notice board outside the office.


Well done to Mrs Malcolm in the Nursery who was January’s winner of the prize draw.

Copies of School Board minutes are available on the website and also on the notice board outside the office. The next meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Monday, 21 March.


We are participating in the Blue Peter Appeal which involves us collecting clean clothes, in good condition (NO SHOES). Hilary will be collecting these items at the school office each morning. This activity will continue until the October Break.

We continue to collect:

· Empty ink cartridges.

· Stamps

· Persil Stars

· Nestle Box Tops

· Aluminium Cans



Child's Name: ___________________________________________________________

Enter number of t-shirts against the appropriate colour and size

5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 XS S M L XL Total Cost
Red £
Blue £
Green £

Signed: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Houses and colours are : Thor – Red, Sinclair – Blue, Harald - Green