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Newsletter 11 January 2007

Pulteneytown Academy
11 January2007

Dear Parent

**Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to Term 3**


Highland Healthy Week

This takes place next week and as a school there are a number of things which we are doing to support this –

  • Each child will be given a diary of health related activities which they will complete in class daily for this week.  They will then take it home on the Friday so that they can complete Saturdays and Sundays activities.  Can you please support them in this and ensure that they take it back to school with them on the Monday.
  • A special ‘Highland Helping’ lunch will be served to the children on Tuesday 16th and the menu for this is –

Highland Minced Beef


Crispy Bread Topped Fish Pie

Served with Tatties, Neeps and Broccoli  

Clootie Dumpling and Custard 

The cost of this will be £1.50 for those children who need to pay and should be booked on the Tuesday morning in the usual way. 

Highland Literacy Project
Just to let you know that Lorna Sim, Highland Literacy Project Officer, will be in school next Thursday (18th) and Friday (19th) to support teachers in their teaching of Reading for Information.  All of the teachers are looking forward to this learning opportunity and we are sure that the children will also enjoy learning with Lorna.

Burns Day Lunch
We are planning to hold a special whole school lunch to celebrate this on Thursday 25/1/07 and more information about this will follow shortly.

Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal
Just a final reminder for this so if you do have any shoes/boots that you no longer wear, can you please hand them into school by Friday 19th January.  Many thanks to all of you who have already donated to this. 

Parent Councils
The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 was recently passed by the Scottish Parliament and all of you were given a leaflet entitled ‘Making the difference – a new law to support parents’ as a result of this.  It states that from August 2007 School Boards are to be abolished and Parent Councils are to be established in their place.  Details of the procedures for setting up our own Parent Council will follow shortly.

Car Park!!
Please DO NOT PARK ON THE ZIG ZAGS in the school car park as these are where the designated school transport needs to park to safely collect children.  Please use a parking bay to park your car and take care to watch your speed as you enter the school car park.  In a previous newsletter Miss Wark advised 5mph.  The safety of all children is of the utmost importance so please do as advised above.

Clever Carollers!

*Laura Richards, Claire Risbridger, Joni Baikie, Katie Mackay, Morven Smart*

I would like to congratulate the above children who cleverly went Carol singing on the night of Friday 22nd December to raise money for the ‘Water Fund’.  They had learned about this charity from Major Norman during our Christmas Service at the Salvation Army on Thursday 21st December and were struck by some of the things that Major Norman said.

They actually collected the wonderful total of £130 which they will give to Major Norman tomorrow afternoon at the start of our Assembly.  I am sure that he will be delighted when he learns of their carolling and the amount raised.

I feel very proud of them for thinking of others and for raising money for them in a fun and enjoyable way.  I think that they are a credit to their families and our school!

Class Newsletters
All of the class teachers are currently working hard to write these and you will receive these next week.

Cake days

This term, cake days are on –

·         Tuesday 16 January

·         Tuesday 6 February

·         Tuesday 6 March and all cakes cost 35p.

Miss Wark
Although Miss Wark is enjoying her time as Acting Head Teacher at Miller Academy Primary in Thurso, she is keen to come home and following the recent appointment of a new Head Teacher to Miller Academy, Miss Wark will return to us on Thursday 1st March.

There is a large number of unclaimed uniform, gloves, hats etc.  Please check to see if your child has any missing items.  Could you also ensure that ALL clothing is named.  If your child wears an aged 7-8 black sweatshirt can you please check to see if the name Kyle Sutherland is on it as he has lost one. 

May I please remind you to telephone the school on 602649 between 8.15–9.10 each morning if your child is going to be absent or warn in advance of any planned absence.

February Long week-end
The children will not attend school on Thursday 8th as it is an In-Service training day for staff and Friday 9th and Monday 12th are the dates of the long week-end break.

Easter holidays
These begin on Friday 30th March at 3.10pm and children then return on Tuesday 17th April, as the Monday 16th is an In-Service training day for staff.

Thank you for your continuing support and I will be in touch shortly about the Burns Lunch and Parent Councils.

Yours sincerely,


Acting Head Teacher