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Newsletter 16 August 2005

Dear Parent

Newsletter – 16.08.05

Welcome back to another academic year at Pulteneytown Academy. This will be a brief Newsletter just to give you urgent information about our construction work and I will write to you more fully at the end of the week when there is more time.

Construction Work – As you will have seen, if you have been near the school over the last fortnight, there are some major works going on in the playground. This is because the Autism Centre requires more space and it is expanding into the school’s existing music room. This should have no detrimental effect on the class teaching in the school as the role has dropped slightly and we have space in the main building for music and drama. Unfortunately, the infant door will no longer be available to us which means neither will the infant playground. A new playground area is being tarred at the front of the school and the whole car park is being reconstructed and the tarring patched to make more effective use of the existing area. Until the new playground is completed, the children will be able to use the existing playground, but will only have access to this through the school. Sadly, funds are not available to re-tar the whole car park but the eventual outcome should be a great improvement. The school is also converting the unused gym changing room into a disabled toilet area which again means more building work beside the gym and this will be happening later in the term. All work will be completed in 3 phases, the first, the car park – almost completed, the second beginning 29 August which will involve work that can be done while the school is operational and the third during the October break for work which cannot be done while the children are present. I am promised all work will be finished by the end of the October holidays.

Implications for Children and Parents

  • In the interests of Health & Safety the school grounds will be out of bounds totally from 3.25 p.m. onwards each day and at weekends. Parents MUST ensure their children keep away from school property at all times as work may well be going on until later in the evening and at weekends and machinery may be left unattended overnight.

  • Playgrounds will be supervised by adults from 8.50 in the morning until the bell rings, at break and lunchtime and from 3.10 until 3.25 at the end of the day, so the children will be in no danger while at school.

  • Children in P4-7 coming to or leaving school at the end of the day through the entrance at the car park should use the pavement at the side away from the work and then have full use of their playground as usual.

  • Children in P1 – 3 should also approach and leave the school using this pavement and then come up the path and into the building using the front door. They will then walk through the building and go out to their own playground through the Infant resource Room fire door. They will also use this entrance and exit at playtime and to play at lunchtime. If they are going home at lunchtime they will leave and return through the front door and again join their friends by coming through the building and going out the fire door. At the end of the day P1-3 children will leave by the front door.

  •  Until further notice the whole car park area is off limits to all parents and anyone else bringing children to and from school or nursery. There is no space to come into the car park to turn, so I would request that those dropping off older children do so a little way down Seaforth Avenue. If you have younger children and require to come with them into the school grounds, please park with consideration for other drivers and local residents. I would also make the plea that if your child lives close enough to the school to walk that they do in fact walk to school and only those of you who really have to come by car do so. As part of our walk to school initiative, we encouraged you to park in the Lidl car park and then walk from there – this is still a good idea.

School Dinners – The new price of these is £1.50 per child which is effective as of today. This week the menu is
Wed – Fish Fingers or Roast Beef & Gravy, Carrot Cake
Thurs – Chicken Curry or Salmon Kebabs, Jelly Whip
Fri – Beef Casserole or Pitta Pocket with Tuna or Cheese, Meringue & Fruit
Fruit or Yogurt available each day as an alternative dessert. The full six week menu will be attached to the Newsletter at the end of the week once this has been typed up.

Tuck Shop – Each day there will be a selection of crisps at 30p, Alpen Bars 30p and fruit (usually apples and bananas) at 20p. Also water in sports cap bottles available at 45p. If children do not have enough money to buy one of these items they will not be able to do so as there will be no ‘loan service’ available. Should a child not have something to eat at break time they will not starve before lunch time! Please remember, children in P1 and P2 will be given free fruit or vegetables on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week at break time.

Uniform – All items are available in all sizes should you require more – please do not forget to name everything including their lunch boxes and gym shoes.

Family Update Information - If you have changed address, telephone number, etc or if your child has developed a new medical problem which we should know about, please contact the school office.

Yours sincerely
Head Teacher