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Newsletter 5 May 2004

Dear Parent

Newsletter – 05.05.04

Auction - £1020.70 was raised at this. May I thank everyone who donated, helped and came to this very successful event.

Biodiversity Poster – Each pupil has been given one of these posters from the Ranger Service of Highland Council.  Pictures for the poster were taken from the Biodiversity Photo Collection

Football Pitch – This will be marked out during the week of the Edinburgh Trip (10 – 14 May). During the school day children will not be allowed on the grass and I would be obliged if parents would not allow their children to come and use the school grounds at the end of the school day. Children will be informed when it is safe to do so.

PSA Committee Meeting – This will be held on Tuesday 25 May at 7 p.m.

School Book Fair – Once again children will be given an opportunity to look at these books and will then take home a slip indicating the books they would like. Parents can review this slip and decide which books are allowed, if any. Please score out those which you do not wish to purchase and return the slip with the appropriate money to school. If you would like to see the books yourself please call at the school any day between 10 - 12.30 or 2 – 3 next week (except Friday). As usual the school receives 50% commission in books for all sales.

Events in June

¨ Tuesday 1 June – Cake Day
¨ Week beginning 7 June – Pupil Reports issued to parents
¨ Wednesday 9 June – Senior Sports (P3-7)1.30 p.m.(weather permitting)
¨ Thursday 10 June – Infant Sports (P1-2) 1.30 p.m.(weather permitting)
¨ Monday 14 June – Evening Meeting for parents of P1 and Nursery pupils starting in school or nursery   
   in August 2004.
¨ Tuesday 15 June – New P1 and new nursery pupils’ visits
¨ Tues/Wed 15/16 June – Parents’ Evenings
¨ Tues/Wed 15/16 June – P7 visit to Wick High School
¨ Thursday 1 July – End of Term Service 11 a.m. (school closes at 12 noon)

Yours sincerely
Head Teacher