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Newsletter November 2004

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Dear Parent

Newsletter – November 2004

Windows – Since the beginning of the school year we have had numerous windows broken – four the first time, six towards the end of the October break and six again between 6.30 p.m. Friday night and 5.30 Saturday night. The last six were in the office, CEYAC and P3. I am confident that this was not done by pupils from this school, firstly, because the force of the large stone which was used to break the inside pane of the double glazing not only smashed that window but hit and dented the facing wall 14 feet away and, secondly, I do not believe pupils from this school would be involved in such wanton vandalism. Sad to say I am not as confident about the older youths in the town, including some of my own ex pupils. Not only did I have to spend time with the police, but other staff members and I spent a lot of time clearing up the glass and having to bucket lots of materials and supplies which were of importance to the school. I already work most weekends completing necessary paperwork so that I can spend time during the week assisting teachers with teaching maths, National Assessments, concert work and many other activities with the children. This weekend, having spent so much time with the police and on the clearing process, none of this paperwork was done and should I chose to do this through the week, this would have a slight detrimental effect on the education of your children. I really do try my best but sometimes it is very difficult to pick myself up and act as if nothing has happened. I would be obliged if parents could keep their ears to the ground and report to me or directly to the police if they hear or see anything untoward happening in the school grounds during the evenings or at weekends. I will be contacting my Area Manager this week to discuss with him any further steps that can be taken to try and protect the school in the future.

Cake Day – Tomorrow – Tuesday 2 Nov – 30p.

Discos – The P1-2 party will be held during tomorrow afternoon and fancy dress is optional. If you wish you can take your child home after their lunch at 12.45 so that they can change into fancy dress. The P3-5 party is from 6 – 7.15 p.m. Again fancy dress is optional. The P6-7 disco is from 7.30 – 9 p.m. and the children have decided that they do not wish to dress up. A few parents have already volunteered to help but I could do with some more so please ‘phone the school office if you can help at either or both of the evening discos – thanks.

Technology P4-7 - Mrs Thompson, Technology teacher has asked that all girls use a bauble to tie their hair back and that none of the children wear rings while they are taking part in this due to health and safety reasons. Could you ensure that your daughter carries a bauble with them for this purpose.

Parents Evenings – 9 & 10 Nov - Opportunities for individual appointments starting at 6 p.m. can be booked using the attached slip. Please, if you can, return these by Wednesday 3 November so that times can be allocated. Late slips will be accepted but there is no guarantee that appointments with different teachers will be close together as these will just have to be fitted in where there are gaps. There will also be an opportunity to view the larger class photographs if you have not already purchased one. Please bring your return photo slip if you wish to do so. Books from the book Fair will also be available should you wish to make a discreet purchase!

Book Fair- The books will be arriving this week and your child will have the opportunity to have a look at these and bring home a slip indicating the book they would like to have. You are not obliged to purchase this but the school does get 50% commission.

Lice – Please be vigilant and check your child’s hair regularly.

Winter Concert – Slight change of plan in that instead of Christmas Carols classes will be doubling up and learning a selection of songs on a theme or from a musical. You will no doubt learn the words and the tunes as well as your children and be able to join in during the performances. We hope to purchase a new music keyboard with the money raised as the current machine is nearing the end of its lifespan after seven years of very heavy use. One of the best purchases we have ever made here!

PSA - My apologies for not letting you know in my last Newsletter that the following parents are on the Management Committee for the year 2004/05 – Mrs J Mackinnon, Miss J Banks, Mrs G Sutherland, Mrs H Cormack, Mrs F Carter, Miss E Sutherland, Mrs L Harper, Mrs J Budge, Mrs L Livingston and myself. At the next meeting a chairperson, etc will be elected and I will let you know who’s who!

Parentzone - Over the last few months, the Scottish Executive has been working with Learning and Teaching Scotland to re-structure and improve the Parentzone website. The site is more accessible with easy to use topic areas and contains an ever-increasing range of information for parents about Scottish education. You can access this from www.partenzonescotland.gov.uk .

Pulteney Peoples Project - Please find attached a copy of their latest Newsletter. While most of the events are centred round the South School they are open to pupils from Pulteneytown Academy and there is no reason why our pupils cannot go to the Pantomime, the bingo and bonfire and many would enjoy seeing Oscar the radio controlled Robot. The last time I consulted with parents there was not enough interest in Pulteneytown Academy to warrant having a morning and after school club of our own but Pulteneytown Academy pupils can, and some already do, attend this in the South School with transport being provided – see last paragraph of their Newsletter for details.

Last Term’s Events – To end this Newsletter on a happier note than I began it there were many extra events which took place last term. These included, P5 & 6 music making for four weeks with Feis Rois and P4 will be getting the opportunity to do this during this term, P1-6 had the opportunity to see a brilliant production of the Wizard of Oz courtesy of Sheila Mather Wick Library, P7 Safe Highlanders event at Dounreay courtesy of the police, some P5-7 marching with lights to the South Head and many P4-7 attended the Rugby Festival.

Yours sincerely
Head Teacher