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Red Centre Dreaming visited South School on Wednesday 22 May 2002 to introduce the children to aboriginal culture.

The introductory performance begans with the Aboriginal musicians/dancers entering the hall singing, playing Didjeridu and the boomerangs.  Decorated in traditional body paint, they presented an impressive visual display guaranteed to grab the attention.

The members of Red Centre Dreaming then paused to introduce themselves using their traditional names . There then followed an outline of some background information about Aboriginal Australia,


  They then played a number of different types of songs, demonstrating the use of the Didjeridu, Clap Sticks & Boomerangs, chanting and dancing.

Having demonstrated a traditional song, it was time to explain the meaning and purpose of the music and dance. Many traditional dances and songs are inspired by the animals that live together with Aboriginal people on the land from which Aboriginal culture derives so much of its meaning. There followed short demonstrations of the Malu (Kangaroo), Kasiwerin, Freshwater Eel and Emu dances, with a short explanation of their origin, use, what they represented and story within the dance.

  Similarly, much of Aboriginal music and dance is inspired by the ‘Dreamtime’ – the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of its creation, and of its great stories.   The Dreamtime is the beginning of knowledge, from which came the laws of existence.  



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