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MARCH 2007

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Pat Bowers
01955 603203
12the March 2007

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Only three weeks left of this term as usual we have been extremely busy and lots more still to come!

Some of our highlights:

  • Big Heart Day on Wednesday 21st February – we raised £110! We had a super fun filled day – the children had put in so much effort with their outfits. Well done to all and many thanks for your support.
  • The nursery children have been out and about in the community – visiting “Pets at Home” and also Wick Library.
  •  “Pets at Home” have very kindly donated a rather modern fish tank to the school as well as some cold water fish – we have five minnows and five zebra fish. The children are delighted with this new feature and enjoy spending a few minutes viewing the fish.
  • World Book Day - we focussed on our favourite books in Assembly and the children as well as staff spoke enthusiastically about many different titles.

Mrs Hourston & Mrs Wilson remain absent this week. Mrs Scott (supply teacher) will continue to teach the P1/2 class and I will be teaching P3/4.

Please ensure that you have completed the form and permission slip which was issued last week and returned them to your child’s teacher. It is VITAL that you contact the school if your child is absent and follow up with a letter to confirm the reason. This is extremely important to ensure your child’s safety and well being.

The school nurses would like to draw parents’ attention to the changes in vision screening of school pupils. From 2006 all pupils will have their vision checked prior to school entry by an orthoptist at their local health clinic or hospital. All routine vision and colour vision testing by the school nurses has been withdrawn. If you have concerns about your child’s vision you may discuss this with the school nurse but parents are asked to seek assessment from an optician of their choice.
For further information regarding your child’s health check: www.forhighlandschildren.org

There will be a meeting on Tuesday 20th March at 6.30pm in the staff room to discuss the next fund raising event, “Mad March Walk” as well as other matters. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please come along as your support is vital to ensure a partnership approach to your child’s education.

SCIENCE 03      See Science Festival Page
All children in P4 – P7 will be involved in this event which is part of the Highland Promise this year. Some events will take place in South School which makes the organisation much easier.

  • Monday 19th March – P5/6 & P7 will be involved in an Electronics workshop during the morning and in the afternoon all P5 - P7 children will be attending “Noiseworks” workshop at Pulteneytown Academy. They will transported by bus, leaving at 1.40pm & returning by 3.10pm.
  • Tuesday 20th March – “Backchat” presentation which requires the pupils to bring in their mobile phone (with some credit for a text message). The presentation is based around writing software that allows the mobile phone to perform tasks and control equipment. This will be available to all P7 pupils who bring their phone to school that day. A permission slip must be completed & signed by you. This will be issued separately.
  •  Wednesday 21st March – P4/5, P5/6 and P7 will participate in K’nex Challenge at South School during the morning; P7 will also take part in Wire Sculpture Workshop. In the afternoon all P4 – P7 pupils will be fortunate to meet Duane “Digger” Carey, NASA Astronaut at Pulteneytown Academy for his presentation. Pupils will be transported by bus – leaving at 1.40pm & returning by 3.10pm.

We will have children from Keiss, Canisbay and Dunbeath participating in our school and perhaps joining us for lunch and outside play. I’m sure they will receive a warm welcome from all at South School.

BIG HEAD – Eden Court Production
On Thursday 22nd March, all South School P3 – P7 children will be involved in this performance as part of the Highland Promise programme of events. The school hall will be used to stage this play and we will be limited for space for school lunches on that day. The children will eat “picnic” style on the floor and the menu has been swapped around – the choice will be hot dogs or salmon kebabs followed by chocolate crispie, fruit or yoghurt. Thrumster pupils will join us for part of the day.

The Nursery children and P1/2 will be attending this fun filled event at North School on Thursday 22nd March. They will be involved in a puppet show, singing songs, face painting and having a healthy snack. Transport will be provided. The Nursery children will attend during their session and P1/2 will go in the afternoon.

If your child is heading into their pre-school year (D.O.B. 1St March 2003 – 28th February 2004 are eligible) then you can enrol them on Monday 19th from 3.30pm, Wednesday 21st from 3.30pm or Friday 23rd during the morning. Please bring along their birth certificate when you do this. Mrs Sargent in the school office can be contacted to arrange an appointment. Please pass this information on to your friends, neighbours and families, if they have children who are eligible. Thank you!

The school term finishes on Friday 30th March 2007 at 3.10pm and the final term resumes on Tuesday 17th April at 9.10am (Monday 16th April is an In Service Day for staff).

Kind regards,

Pat Bowers
PS – We are collecting Tesco Voucher for Schools. Please hand them into the school office. Thank you!