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Pat Bowers
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24 August 2006

Dear Parent / Guardian,
I can’t believe we are into week two of this session already. There must be something true about the saying, “Time flies past when you’re having fun”! The summer holidays were super and it’s great to see the children looking so healthy after lots of fresh air and sunshine. I hope they are all ready for a busy term ahead with many new challenges.

Staff Changes
Miss Campbell has been successful in a Depute Headteacher post in Mount Pleasant Primary in Thurso and started her new position last week. Miss Campbell worked extremely hard supporting the children in her class and throughout the school in her post of Principal Teacher at South School; she will be missed by the children, the school staff and myself.
We welcome Mrs Ferrier to a temporary post as P7 teacher, pending the appointment of a new Principal Teacher.
Miss Bain is the newly appointed Nursery Co-ordinator Teacher in our Nursery and she will be in on Wednesday’s. Miss Miller has been appointed Nursery Auxiliary for the morning session. Mrs Thompson remains as our CCR teacher (allowing teachers to have non-class contact time for preparation, marking, reports, planning etc.) – she will teach Technology/Science and French each week. Mrs Ferguson joins us and will teach music to all pupils on a weekly basis.
We have no visiting specialists for Art or P.E. – these subjects will be taught by the class teachers.

New Pupils
We welcome a healthy intake of 19 nursery children between the two sessions. The children are so settled already and enjoying the range of activities on offer from making sticky pictures, climbing on the frame to running outside!
The P1 class looked so smart in this week’s Courier – they too have been settled and enjoying the “hard work” from Mrs Hourston!

Pupil Details
You will be issued with an update form for your child, please check it carefully and amend as necessary. Please keep us up to date with new telephone numbers, medical conditions etc.

Please ensure that you inform the school if your child is absent. You can do this by simply phoning and leaving a message for your child’s teacher. When your child returns then please send in a note to confirm the reason of absence.
If your child is absent for more than three days without an explanation then the Area Manager will be informed.

Good behaviour continues to be rewarded with our weekly Golden Time. All children really look forward to this time and the variety of activities that they can choose from. Please continue to support the school’s behaviour policy and praise your child for their good efforts.
If your child has broken the Golden Rules then they will lose precious minutes and in some cases when the time has built up, they will be issued with a detention.

Morning break
Food items are available from the kitchen at break time. Children can purchase these:
Toast – 10p, apple or orange juice; milk; fresh fruit – all priced at 15p
We no longer have a school tuck shop.

Indoor Shoes
A number of children are not wearing indoor shoes; please ensure they have a pair in school and these are stored in their blue shoe bags when not on their feet!
Please put their name inside their shoes with permanent pen?

Lost property
There are a number of items which have been left in school over the holidays – mainly school sweatshirts!! Please pop in to look through if you have missing items.
Please name items of clothing with a clear marking - permanent pen is best.

School Uniform
It is fantastic to see the children proudly wearing their uniform on a daily basis; most children are wearing polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts. It would be super to see them wearing dark trousers or skirts as well.
The ripped style of jeans is not appropriate for school. Please discourage your child from wearing these – your cooperation will be appreciated. Uniform can be ordered at any time through the school office.

The children are really eating well at lunchtime and enjoying the choices of meals. We are presently on Week 2 of the menu. A copy of the 6 week menu is attached to this Newsletter.
Can you please discuss the choices with your child to ensure they know what is being served? Lunches MUST be ordered at the kitchen before 9.10am – access is gained through the Hall back door.

Parent Staff Association
The Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 26th September at 6.30pm. Please come along and bring your fresh ideas for fundraising. We need your support!

McMillan Coffee Morning - The world's Biggest Coffee Morning
We are holding another Coffee Morning on Friday 29th September at 10.30 – 11.30am in the School Hall. We hope that you will support this worthy charity which unfortunately has touched so many families within our school and the wider community. Please come along with your friends, neighbours and families.
A silver collection will be at the door.
All children can participate by bringing in a donation (suggested amount of 50p).

International Walk to School Week 2nd – 6th October 2006
We are involved in this international campaign once again and please continue to encourage your child to walk to and from school, where possible.
I realise that a few children travel to school by car but you could drop them off at the end of Roxburgh Road and allow them to walk the last little bit of the journey.
Nursery children MUST be accompanied into the Nursery class area with an adult.
The children are showing good habits of using the zebra crossing; please continue to encourage your child to use the safe place to cross at Roxburgh Road.
Children will be rewarded with stickers for their efforts.

School Book Fair 2nd – 6th October 2006
We are having a Scholastic Book Fair. These have proved to be popular with the children in the past and there is a wide range of books available for all children from Nursery to P7. All classes will have an opportunity to view the fair and I’m sure they’ll come home desperate to purchase one!
Please support this worthwhile event as the school benefits from book sales.

School Development Plan 2006/07
The School Development Plan is available if you wish a copy. I have detailed our priorities for this session below:
1. Moving on with Literacy – looking at phonics & spelling
2. Assessment is for Learning with a Maths focus
3. Continuing Professional Development for staff
4. Inclusive Schooling – Inclusion & Equality
5. Developing the Nursery Outdoor Area
6. The Highland Promise – 2007 The Highland Year of Culture

Holiday Dates
· October Break – school closes on Friday 6th October and resumes on Monday 23rd October 06
· In-Service days – Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st November 06 – school closed
· Christmas Break – school closes on Thursday 21st December and resumes on Monday 8th January 07
· February Break – school closes on Wednesday 7th February and resumes on Tuesday 13th February 07
  (Thursday 8th February 07 is an In-Service Day for Staff)
· Easter Break – school closes on Friday 30th March and resumes on Tuesday 17th April 07 (Monday 16th
  is an In-Service Day for Staff)
· May Day is on Monday 7th May 07 – School closed to both staff and pupils
· Summer Break – school closes on Thursday 28th June 07.

Many thanks for your continued support this term and please contact me if you have any queries concerning your child and their education.

Kind regards,

Pat Bowers

Please be vigilant for these little creatures as they are about! It is your responsibility as a parent to regularly check your child’s hair and treat if necessary. Remember the school nurse does not check hair! Advice can be given from Nurse Skea if required.
We are having a “Bug Busting Day” next term – Tuesday 31st October 2006. Further details will be issued.  Head Lice - Information and Treatment