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Operation Values
September 2004
Wick, Caithness

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Transferring the Fear of the Crime to the Criminal

You may have read something about Operation Values in the press. This information is simply to tell you a little more about the operation because it is focusing on your area.   It also gives you some advice on how to help us target the criminals in our area.

If you are a decent law abiding citizen you will appreciate the benefits which Operation Values will bring to you and your family, friends and neighbours.  If, however, you are one of that small minority who are actively involved in crime in our town beware.

Do you know anyone who is involved in criminal activity which is making life a misery for others? If the answer is yes please give us some details in the box below. The sort of things we are interested in are their names, ages, addresses, what they are doing and when, what cars they use, where they store the proceeds of crime and any information which would help us to catch them.

We would prefer it if everyone within the community was willing to stand up and be counted but if, for any reason, you do not want to give your name we will understand.

We must work together if we want our town to remain one of the safest places to live in Scotland.

What Can You Do To Prevent Crime?
You are only one short telephone call away from preventing a crime or helping to catch a criminal.

Wick is a safe place to live and our crime rates are low but we cannot ignore the fact that we do have problems in certain areas.  We know that most of the crime is carried out by a small number of individuals and, like many of you, we know who they are.

It is our belief that the only people who should be afraid of crime are the criminals so, after consultation, we have decided to make some changes to our policing tactics.  We will use a wide range of methods to disrupt criminal behaviour.  We will also use a variety of techniques to assist us in detecting crimes. We will, at all times remain impartial but we will focus out attention on that small minority who make life a misery for the good people of Wick.

We have called this exercise Operation Values and, although it is police led, everyone in the community should contribute. The question for you is, “Do I want to help make my community safer?”

If the answer is yes and you have any information on criminal activity in our town there are a number of ways you can let us know.

1. Why not tell one of the officers patrolling your area?

2. You could call our confidential telephone line 01955 606800

3. If you prefer you could call Crimestoppers free

4. You may wish to complete the form in the leaflets circulating in the town or delivered to your address by local volunteers and either hand it to an Officer or send it to The Area Commander, Police Station, Bankhead Road, Wick.

Remember -
If you see a crime being committed please telephone 999 immediately and ask for the police