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Caithness Community Transport


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What Is Dial-A-Ride ?

Dial-A-Ride offers a door to door transport service for people with mobility problems.

Who Can Use It ?
Disabled and elderly throughout the county. Mothers with young children and others in rural areas with no personal transport or reasonable access to any public transport service.

Will I Get Assistance to board the vehicle ?
Yes. The driver will be there to assist you with the steps or wheelchair access.

Can I Bring An Escort ?
Yes. They will pay the same fare as you, but you must tell the office at the time of booking the journey.

Is It Just For Special Journeys ?
No! You can use it for almost any purpose. Go shopping, visit friends and relatives, social functions, medical appointments.

How Much Does It Cost ?
There is a charge of 15p-£1 per person per mile depending on the length of the journey. You can even bring friends with you who will pay the same fare as you or an escort who is charged at £1.

When Can I Use It ?
The vehicle will operate 7 days a week between 9 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. on weekdays

Questions ?
If you have any questions or enquiries please contact -

Coreen Campbell on TEL 01955 605588
Caithness Rural Transport
Telford House
Williamson Street

How Do I Use Dial-A-Ride ?

Just ring our office on 01955 605588 between 9.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. the day before you wish to travel.

Tell us the following information

    • The time you want to travel
    • The pick up address and destination address
    • How many people want to travel
    • The time of your return journey

There will be a membership fee of £1 paid yearly on 1st July, which may be done by completing and returning the application form.

The vehicle will visit different areas each day with Monday to Thursday visiting the same areas each week.  Friday Saturday and Sunday the areas will vary in alternate weeks.  To check out where the vehicle will be available the areas have been allocated week numbers either Week 1 or Week 2.  The dates for the week numbers are at the bottom of the list.   

Proposed Route              Week 1                                                                           Week 2

Monday                         Wick, Ackergill, Watten                                                Wick, Ackergill, Watten
                                        Gillock, Bower,Lyth,Keiss,                                           Gillock, Bower,Lyth,Keiss
                                        John O’Groats                                                               John O’Groats

Tuesday                       Thurso, Dunnet, Barrock,                                              Thurso, Dunnet, Barrock,
                                        Lyth, John O’Groats,                                                        Lyth, John O’Groats
                                        Scarfskerry                                                                       Scarfskerry

Wednesday                 Wick, Berridale, Dunbeath,                                            Wick, Berridale, Dunbeath
                                       Latheron, Lybster, Watten                                              Latheron,Lybster,Watten

Thurso, Reay,Calder,                                                      Halkirk Thurso, Reay, Calder,
                                       Westerdale,Mybster,                                                       Westerdale,Mybster, Halkirk

Friday                         Thurso,Dunnet,Barrock,Lyth,                                            Wick, Berridale,
                                     John O’Groats,Scarfskerry                                               Dunbeath,Latheron,
                                                                                                                                  Lybster, Watten

Saturday                    Wick, Ackergill, Watten,                                                    Thurso, Reay ,Calder,
                                     Bower, Lyth, Keiss,                                                            Westerdale ,Mybster,
                                     Gillock,John O’Groats                                                        Halkirk

Sunday                      Wick, Berridale, Dunbeath,                                              Thurso, Dunnet, Barrock,
                                     Latheron,Lybster,Watten                                                  John O’Groats,Scarfskerry

The project is was brought about by the Caithness Rural Transport Partnership comprising of -

Caithness Voluntary Group
The Highland Council
Caithness and Sutherland Enterprise
Highland Primary Care NHS Trust

The day to day running of the project will be under the management of Caithness Voluntary Group, 23 Harbour Quay, Wick, Caithness, KW1 5EP.  Niall Smith, Development Officer of Caithness Voluntary Group is the line manager for the project.  He can be contacted at -
TEL 01955 603453.

Support for the project has come from -

The Scottish Office
The Highland Council
Caithness And Sutherland Enterprise
If you are elderly or disabled and live in The Highlands you may qualify for the Highland Council Travel Card Scheme giving you half price travel on buses and trains etc.  If you are registered blind you may qualify for free travel.  If you require a companion to go with you they may also qualify for half price travel. 
Click Here for more details of the Highland Council Travel Card Scheme