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Crossroads Caring Scotland  - Caithness
About Crossroads Caring Scotland - Caithness
We are a  local charity with over 20 years experience providing support for vulnerable people and their carers.  We know how important it is to ensure that the care provider you choose understands your individual needs and is able to provide personalised support of the highest quality.

Our service is able to deliver packages of care which are focused on your individual needs and designed to

         improve quality of life,
         support people to live independently at home,
         enable carers to benefit from a regular, meaningful break.

Our care services are usually provided within the home.  However, depending upon personal circumstances, we can also assist service users to spend some time away from the house to enjoy activities within their local community.

As a charity, we are committed to using the proceeds from our fundraising efforts and donations to provide free respite care.   If there is no respite care available, you can purchase hours from us.

You can also purchase the following services from us …

         Help with daily living activities, ie bathing, dressing feeding, continence care,
         Support an individual getting up in the morning or going to bed at night,
         Provide companionship at home
         Accompany an individual to social/leisure activities, hospital appointments, shopping, etc

You may pay for these services from your own resources, or from public funds including Direct Payments, Independent Living Fund or Self Directed Support.

Accessing our Service
To arrange an assessment, please contact the office on
01847 895483 or email caithness@crossroads-scotland.co.uk
Alternatively, you can write to
Crossroads Caring Scotland - Caithness
Office L4
Scrabster Business Centre
KW14 7UJ

Karen Phipps is the Service Manager, and Erinn Mackay is the Office Manager.