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Caithness Branch of Scottish Society for the Mentally Handicapped
Mr W MacKay Chairman 01955 621337
Mr A Grant Secretary 01955 661295


Welcome to the Caithness Ace Committee.

This is a charity made up of people with special needs.   the committee consists of 12 people and joint co-ordinators and friends of ACE.   We meet in Wick and Thurso.

ACE began nationally in 1993 by Glasgow branch of Enable for people with special needs.

We go to conferences like Elgin and Perth.

Also we do sponsored events to raise money for getting about on transport.

We have a chairman whose name is David Elder.  He belongs to National ACE and the Caithness ACE Committee.  we do newsletters for the committee from the college.

We have two meetings in Thurso at Thor House and the Wellington Centre in Wick.

If anyone wants any more information about Caithness Ace committee please get in touch with David Elder, 6 Queens Square, Thurso, Caithness  - TEL 01847 890107.

Alison Gibbons