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Highland Community Mediation

We all want to be able to enjoy our own home, though sometimes it is not easy.  There are so many things these days that can cause problems between neighbours - noise, pets, children, parking, fences - it's no wonder sometimes things just get out of hand.  Every so often, what starts off as a minor disagreement ends up as full-blown dispute, causing everyone stress and worry.

That's where we come in
Our mediators are trained and experienced people who are able to help you find away forward that everyone can live with.  Thousands of people from all over Scotland have found practical and peaceful solutions to problems with their neighbours through using mediation services.

And what's more, its free!
To find out more about this valuable service, please contact Highland Community Mediation on
01463 716325

For further information please contact
Highland Mediation Service
Ballantyne House
84 Academy Street
Tel 01463 716325
Fax 01464 716326
email info@highland.sacro.org.uk
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