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Highland Domestic Abuse Forum

Domestic Abuse
No one needs to suffer.
Is this happening to you?
You are not to blame.

You can find help.

Abuse can be emotional, physical,sexual and psychological.

Throughout the Highlands many people are subject to abuse in their own homes and in their relationships.  They can be young or old, male or female, children or adults.

Case Histories
Alice is a widow in her eighties.  She lives with her only daughter who is in her fifties and an alcoholic.  She bullies her mother by nipping, slapping and shouting at her if Alice refuses to hand over her pension for drink.  Alice blames herself for the way her daughter has turned out.

Iain is a company director who is well respected locally.  He is well known for his voluntary work for local charities.  his wife Sheila appears to "have everything" but is constantly ridiculed by Iain in front of his friends.  She has no friends of her own and is not "allowed" to visit her family.  She feels helpless.

For several years Jean (8) and Tom (6) have seen and heard their mother being beaten by their father on a regular basis.  Jean is  a withdrawn, timid girl who wets the bed frequently and bullies other children at school.

Jack is a gay man in his thirties who has been in a relationship for 7 years.  His partner, Norman, hits him but Jack won't leave because he is afraid that he "won't find anyone else".

These are some of the ways in which people suffer domestic abuse.

It is happening in the Highlands.
It is happening in your community.
If it is happening to you YOU CAN GET HELP


Social Work Department
During office hours contact your local Social Work Office.  Outside office hours emergency No.                                                                  
 0345 697284

Women's Aid
Ross-shire     01349 863568
Inverness        01463 220719

Rape & Abuse Line
An independent and confidential help line offering support to anyone affected by rape or abuse.
Line open every evening 7pm -10pm
 01349  865316

66 Tomnahurich street, Inverness     
 01463 7134456
National Linkline  24 hour no.   0345 909090

Victim Support
Lochaber Victim Support,Fort William  
01397 700111

North Highland
1 Castle Street, Dingwall        01349 865337

South Highland,
Royal Northern Infirmary
Ness Walk, Inverness      01463 710806

Citizens Advice Bureau
Thurso, 7a Brabster Street    01847 894243
Wick, 123 High Street    01955 605989
Alness, 4 Novar Road    01349 883333
Dingwall, 1 Castle Street   01349 864850
Lochaber, Dudley Road, Fort William 01397 705311
Inverness, 103 Academy Street 01463 235345
Nairn, 6 High Street    01667 456677
Tain, 6 Stafford Street  01862 894382

Family Mediation
Highland  01463 712100

Marriage Counselling
Highland, PO Box 16, Inverness 01463 712888

Children 1st
Killen Resource Centre, Avoch,  
01381 620757

0800 1111

Reach Out Highland   
01463 711585

Highland Lesbian Group
PO Box 91, Inverness            

The Highland Domestic Abuse Forum is a partnership of agencies and individuals working together against all forms of abuse throughout the Highlands.  If you would like to find out more about the Forum please write to -
c/o 34 Waterloo Place