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4 September 03
National Continence Awareness Week

The week beginning 15th September- 19th September is National Continence Awareness Week which is run each year to highlight the various problems with control of bladder and/or  bowels. This year the focus is on male continence problems. There will be displays with information available, particularly for male problems but also for all aspects of incontinence and bladder and bowel control, in the foyers of Caithness General Hospital and the Dunbar Hospital throughout the week.

Continence Clinic
During the week it is hoped to also highlight the clinic held in both Wick and Thurso fortnightly which is for both men and women and for all types of continence problems.

A leaflet is available and appointments can be made without a doctor's referral by telephoning 01847 893239.

Additionally a support group is been formed recently which is in it's developmental stages at present and is designed to offer support and information for sufferers and their carer's. For more information please contact Sylvia or Jennifer on 01955 880252 or 603784.