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Better Health for Men Group (Highland)
Scottish Charity No: SCO22499


MEN'S HEALTH HIGHLAND formerly The Better Health For Men Group (Highland) is
an independent charitable group which promotes awareness of men's health issues in
Highland and campaigns for improved health services for men.  For further information
about the Group, it's activities and other Group publications or to comment about this 
content contact: Men's Health Highland, 5 Knowles Gardens, Nairn, IV12 4AT.


Men's Health Matters

Your health matters!  But when you have a health worry, do you like most men, put it off?

What is the problem?

Recent surveys tell us that:

1 in 2 men over the age of 16 have a specifically male health complaint
90% of men experience stress
Half of all men are over-weight

Who is responsible?

There are some things in our lives which affect our health where we seem to lack direct control, such as the pressure caused by work...

...but, when it comes to staying active, watching our weight or seeing our doctor if worried, 
our health is in our own hands.

What  can you do?

It is amazing how little you have to do to be fit and healthy:

  Aim to eat five portions of fruit or vegetables each day
  Try to fit more physical activity such as a brisk walk into each day
  Avoid drinking alcohol every day, and keep to 3-4 units a day when you do
  If you smoke - stop

Your local doctor's surgery is your first point of contact for help and advice, though you may also be able to get support through work.  This page contains a list of help lines and other useful numbers.

When things do go wrong, men tend to use health services too little, too late.  It is important that you stay aware of your body and report any unexplained changes that occur, to your doctor.

So, If you have a worry about your health -
do something about it Today.

Alcoholics Anonymous Helpline (24hrs)
AIDS Helpline (24hrs)
Calm-for young Men (5pm - 3am)
Cancer Link (9.30-5pm w'days)
Chest, Heart & Stroke (9.30-4pm)
Drug line (24hr)
Gay & Sexuality Issues ReachOut Highland (9.30-4.30)
Marriage Couselling Scotland (office hours)
MIND Infoline (9.15-4.45 w'days)
Money Advice-Debt (office hours)
Men's Health Help-Line (6pm-8pm)
NHS Help-line (24hr)
Samaritans (24hr)
Smoke line (noon-12pm)
Stress & Anxiety (Stress watch Scotland)
Citizens Advice Bureau (Thurso)
Citizens Advice Bureau (Wick)
Highland Alcohol & Drug centre (9am-6pm)
Highland Health Council (Problems with NHS)
Highland Health Information Service

0845 769 7555
0800 567 123
0800 585 858
0800 132 905
0345 720 720
0345 585 565
0800 776 600
01463 711 585
0131 225 5006
0345 660 163
01463 703901
0181 995 4448
0800 224 488
0345 909 090
0800 848 484
01563 574 144
01847 894243 
01955 605989
01463 716 888
01349 883 444
0345 573 077