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Rape and Abuse Line
Confidential support from trained volunteers is just a phone call away.

Answered by women from 7pm -10pm
7 days a week  Freephone 0808 8000122
Business line 01349 865316
Answered by men 7pm -10pm
Monday & Wednesday evenings
Other times available, please call for times
Freephone 0808 8000122 
01349 862686

24 Hour answer phone will provide latest times that our phones will be manned.

Our Aims & Services

- To provide immediate confidential help and information to both male and female survivors of rape or
    abuse and provide them with continuing emotional support.

- To increase awareness of the public to the realities of rape and abuse.

- To offer a confidential helpline and face to face support wherever possible.  This is a free service which can
    be accessed by phone or by writing to our post office box.  The region covered by this service extends
    throughout the Highlands and Islands.

Although the group is centred in the Inverness area we have satellite groups in Caithness and Skye.  We are planning to set up additional groups in other areas of the Highlands and Islands.
In march 1995 we opened another helpline, which is answered by a male supporter currently every Monday and Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 10pm.  we intend to extend this service, please call for further details.  In common with the existing service, this helpline is available for anyone who has been directly affected by rape or abuse, or those close to them, but who may prefer to speak to a man.

Rape & Abuse Line also offers face to face support to anyone in need.  Male supporters are also available for this in Inverness, Skye and the Western Isles.

History of Rape & Abuse Line
In 1982 a group of women started Highland Rape Crisis and Counselling Centre in Inverness and in common with other Rape Crisis groups the policy was 'by women for women'.   they offered this confidential service to women who had suffered rape or sexual abuse, at whatever time in their lives the assault had occurred.

the service continued in this way until 1990 when the then members decided to re-name the organisation 'Rape and Abuse Line', mainly because the service was increasingly dealing with cases of abuse suffered by women when they were children, who had not been able to speak about the experiences before.

In 1992 it was decided to extend the membership and recruit men to offer support to partners of female survivors.  Furthermore, in response to the increasing numbers of calls that were being received from male survivors of abuse it was decided to extend the service to them.  the position now is that men are involved in all aspects of the group.
The Volunteers
These are concerned individuals of both sexes who feel motivated to help those who have suffered the trauma of rape or abuse.  To date recruitment has been in the Inverness, Caithness, Ross-shire, Sutherland and Skye areas.  However, in the fullness of time we hope to extend recruitment to the furthest reaches of the region.   Initial training courses are held for new volunteers.  Further training & support sessions are held on a monthly basis for all volunteers.  External supervision is provided for volunteers on a regular basis.

How to become a volunteer with Rape and Abuse Line.
The recruitment drives preceding training are periodically advertised in local newspapers, or interested parties may write to the PO box number at any time.
Donations are always welcome and can be sent to -

Rape & Abuse Line
PO Box 10
IV15 9LH
If you feel that we can help you, please telephone or write.
Your call or letter will be treated with the utmost confidence, you will be treated with respect and you will not be asked to give any information that you do not wish to.
Our aim is to provide by phone or in person the support you require.  You will not be pressed to take any action.

Registered charity no. SC 007515