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Health and Welfare

Schizophrenia Fellowship - Wick Group

Contact: Tom MacLennan
9 Barbara Place
Telephone: 01955 602707


Caithness has two small local carers support groups - one in Wick and one in Thurso.   The groups supply a network of carers in their own areas and have information and contacts available to assist people and their families with mental health problems.
The National Schizophrenia Fellowship (Scotland) has a web site with information www.nsfscot.org.uk
The office address is -
Claremont House, 130 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh EH7 4LB
Telephone 0131 557 8969  Fax 0131 557 8968
The Wick Group has occasional meetings on various matters of interest and the meetings are open to all. 


The Carers Support Project
The support project is co-ordinated from an office in Edinburgh
Unit 7 -8, Castlehill Workshops, 25 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2NH
Tel 0131 622 7186  Fax 0131 622 7187

In the Highlands the support project is co-ordinated by
Wilma Fenton, Craig Dunain Hospital, Inverness
Tel 01463 713091  Fax 01463 713344   An answerphone is in operation outwith staff hours.
The Carers Support Project in Inverness is also running a POSTAL LIBRARY SERVICE funded by the Post Office.  It is free to family , friends and relatives and provides information on schizophrenia and related mental health issues.  A range of books and videos are available on loan for up to 4 weeks.  A leaflet is available from the project setting out details of all of the material.
Copies of the leaflet can also be obtained at Caithness Voluntary Group, Harbour Quay, Wick
Tel 01955 603453.