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The Wellington Centre

Address: Wellington Centre

Airport Industrial Estate

Telephone Numbers: Office: 01955 603744
  Fax: 01955 605581
The Wellington Centre is situated in the airport industrial estate.
Client Group:    
The Wellington Centre provides day services for adults with a learning disability. The centre can accommodate up to 30 individuals.
Statement Of Purpose
  1 To provide day services for adults with a learning disability which will encourage each individual to maximise their potential.

2 To provide services that will contribute to meeting the needs of carers of adults with a learning disability.
  3 To promote a positive image of the client group.
  1 To provide a range of activities that will address the needs and wishes of the clients.
  2 To review on a regular basis the individual programmes offered to individuals.
  3 To provide clients, or their representatives, with relevant information to enable them to make informed choices regarding effective use of all available services.
  4 To utilise local facilities and expertise out with the centre for client benefit.
  5 To ensure that each client has access to an effective network of professionals/experts to address his/her needs.
  6 To communicate with carers.
  7 To respect and acknowledge the dignity of all clients.
  8 To ensure that environments are appropriate for activity being carried out.
  9 Endeavor to have environs of centre pleasant and safe.
  10 Ensure that goals for clients are not unrealistic – and that they do not set clients up to fail.

Statement Of Anti-Discriminatory Practice

It is the aim of the Wellington Centre to promote anti-discriminatory practice – ensuring that each individual is guaranteed the same quality of service regardless of age, class, creed, gender, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Statement Of Confidentiality

Within the Centre the code of confidentiality is strictly adhered to.
  • Records etc are kept in locked files.
  • Regulations regarding the access to personal files act 1987 are adhered to.

The Building

The Wellington Centre was built in 1976 and was extended in 1985.
Leisure Areas    
These areas include:    
The Coffee Lounge and Small Kitchen.  
In this area clients have the opportunity to relax and to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. All individuals who use the centre - who have the skills to make a refreshing drink - are encouraged to utilise this area as and when they require.
The Common Room  
In this area clients have opportunities to follow leisure pursuits such as snooker, watching television and using keep fit equipment. This room is also used to accommodate the weekly clients meeting.
The Dining Room  
This is a large room in which lunches are served.
Activity Areas    
These areas include:    
The Training Kitchen.  
In this area clients have the opportunity to develop their cooking skills. Equipment in this room includes:- an electric cooker; a micro-wave and a fridge.
The Art/Craft Room  
In this area clients have the opportunity to be involved in a range of art and craft work, which includes:- weaving; basket making; sewing; crochet and tapestries.
The Workshop  
This area provides opportunities for clients to be involved in a variety of activities, which can include woodwork.
The Multi-Sensory Room  
All clients are given the opportunity of using this room either as a place to relax or as an activity area. Equipment in this area includes: a bubble tube; a leaf chair; a water bed; a projector; fibre optics and a music system.
This area is available for clients who wish to develop their skills in looking after their clothes. Equipment in this room consists of a washing machine and a tumble drier.
Computer Room  
In this room clients can have opportunities to develop their computer skills.
Clients can be involved in gardening activities in these areas. The garden is also a place that can be greatly enjoyed in fine weather for relaxation or for barbecues or picnics.
Bathing And Showering  
The centre does have facilities that can be utilised to assist individuals with personal care.

Risk Taking Policy

The Wellington Centre operates a risk taking policy which enshrines a balance between the rights and choices of the individual to maximise an independent lifestyle whilst ensuring wherever practically possible the hazards and inherent risks of any particular activity are minimised to enable the individual to fulfil opportunities within the community,

The staff of the Wellington Centre, if in any doubt, will refrain from supporting clients with any particular activity they consider to be unsafe - and will advise clients accordingly.

There will be occasions when to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their clients staff will intervene when they believe they have a duty of care to prevent clients undertaking hazardous pursuits.

At all times staff will explain to their clients why they are undertaking preventative measures.

Any client not satisfied with this approach has full access to the Highland Council’s complaint procedure, and can consult their respective Care Manager.

Activities On Offer At The Centre

  • basic woodwork
  • arts and crafts
  • computer skills
  • gardening
  • leisure pursuits
  • cooking skills
  • personal care
  • office skills

Activities On Offer At Other Venues

  • Employment preparation - at Community Education Offices, Wick.
  • Livingskills - at house in Seaforth Avenue, Wick.
  • Leisure activities, - at the Wick Youth Club.

Community Based Activities

  • Ten pin bowling, at Viking Bowl, Thurso.
  • Indoor bowling, at the Assembly Rooms, Wick.
  • Outdoor bowling, at the Rosebank Greens, Wick.
  • Swimming, at the Wick Swimming Pool.
  • Fitness sessions, at the fitness suite, Wick Swimming Pool.
  • Shopping, in Wick.

Other Activities On Offer

  • Trips to places of interest.
  • Participation in a variety of sports/recreational events.

Network Of Expertise
(to assist in meeting the needs and aspirations of clients)

  • Care Managers
  • Community Nurses
  • Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Consultant Psychologist
  • Austic Worker (Highland)
  • Community Education Workers
  • Keep Fit Instructor.
In addition to the aforementioned the Wellington Centre collaborates with a variety of other service providers or supports, which includes:
  • Thurso College
  • jobs 4 all
  • Networks
  • Other Day Centres
  • 16 Grant Street
  • Carers.

Important Times

The Wellington Centre is open from 9am until 4.30pm.

Morning break is at 10.15am until 10.30am (this may however vary depending on arrival time of the clients).

Lunch is served at 12.30, and the lunch break lasts until 1pm.

Afternoon tea break is at 2.45pm.

The Wellington Centre is available 52 weeks in the year. It does close for:
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • 2nd and 3rd January.
Any other periods of closure will be negotiated with clients and carers.

Transport Policy

People who utilise the Wellington Centre will be encouraged to utilise the means of transport that is most appropriate to their abilities and to their needs. Where possible clients will be given the opportunity to travel independently on public transport. If the use of public transport is not available for a client, either due to their support needs or to lack of access to it, the Wellington Centre minibus will be made available.

The Wellington Centre minibus will be staffed by a driver and by an escort. These staff will have the transported in a safe and dignified manner. The pick up and return times will be negotiated with the clients and with carers. It must however be stated that it may not always be possible to respond to a specific request for pick up or return time owing to other demands on the minibus.

The minibus driver has the responsibility for carrying out the daily checks on the minibus and for liaising with the Highland Council garage regarding routine servicing and faults.

All clients when travelling on the minibus must use the provided seat belts, and clients sitting in wheelchairs must be secured appropriately.

At the present time clients who travel independently will have the costs of their travel reimbursed, but only if it has been agreed that there is a need for transport to be used.