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Care & Repair


Free advice and support on home improvements, repairs and adaptations for older or disabled owner-occupiers and private tenants.

What is Care & Repair?
Care & Repair Caithness is a service provided by The highland council through its agent, Pentland Housing Association. It offers advice and support to people who are older or who have disabilities in order to maintain, improve or adapt their homes so that they can remain at home in comfort in their own community.
Care & Repair Caithness is a free and confidential, client orientated, client oriented service.

Do you qualify?
To qualify for assistance by Care & Repair Caithness, you must:
- have lived in your present home for at least two years;
- be within the Highland Council area boundary for Caithness;
- have an income of less then 16000 pa;
- either be aged at least 60 or need works to help you or a member of your
household cope with disabilities.

How soon will you be helped?
On your invitation a member of staff will visit you at home to discuss your circumstances and what works may be needed to repair or improve your property.

If you qualify and wish to go ahead, we will assist you as quickly as possible. However, we cannot promise when works are likely to start as this is dependent on the availability of grants from the Council, the time it takes to sort out planning permission and building warrants, the availability of contractors etc.

If more people need assistance from Care & Repair Caithness than there are grants available, we will give priority to those who have serious medical needs or whose home needs urgent works. If you think you may be eligible please do apply, and we will let you know whether we can help, and if so, how long it is likely to take.

What can Care & Repair do?
We can:
- help you to decide what repairs and improvements are needed in your home;
- give you an idea of the cost, and help you raise the money;
- help you find a suitable builder to do the work;
- help you fill in the forms and apply for grants and/or loans;
- put you in touch with other agencies which may be able to help;
- help you cope with any disruption while repairs are being done.

However, we cannot pay for or carry out the work ourselves.

Does your home need repairs or improvements?
We can help to arrange repairs to roofs, leaking gutters, re-pointing walls, timber treatment, rewiring, defective windows, etc.
We can also help arrange provision of lacking facilities such as bath or shower, wash hand basin, hot and cold running water, replacement of lead piping, etc

To arrange an appointment or for further information please contact:

Care & Repair Caithness
Pentland Housing Association Ltd.
37 - 39 Traill Street
KW14 8EG

Tel 01847 892507
Fax 01847 893221