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11 April 06
Key Housing
Creating Opportunities in the Community
Key Housing has provided support to people with learning disabilities in Thurso for 15 years. Key has always listened carefully to what the people we support say is important to them. Over recent years people have increasingly been talking about trying to find work, and about the need to really feel included and to be seen as a valued member of their local community. As a result of this Key has set up a small Employment Development Team which supports Key’s services across Scotland.

In Thurso the Employment Development Team have run workshops for both workers and service users to help people think about the opportunities that might be available locally and what new things people we support might like to try. These workshops took place at a time when there were many changes happening in the lives of the people Key supports in Thurso.

One very major change was that a number of people had come to the end of college courses which they had been going to for some years. Following the workshops we now have people thinking about wanting to try to do new things. Obviously, different people are interested in different things – but the common theme is a desire for change and to break ‘out of the rut’ that some people feel they are now in.

Some people are keen to get a job, others are thinking about getting involved in voluntary work, while others are thinking about joining clubs or getting involved in new hobbies or interests. The important thing is that we need to help people find new opportunities that suit them, and make sure that each person gets all the encouragement and support they need to make this happen.

So a new initiative is being launched in Thurso. For the next year Dave Mainland will be co-ordinating the efforts of people Key supports, their friends and families, and the support team - in partnership with the local community and volunteers (including a ‘Project Scotland’ volunteer) - to try to help people find new things to do, find new ways of getting involved, and find new ways of using their skills and talents. Of course, in doing this people will have new experiences, learn new skills, and make new friends.

Can you help? Do you have something to offer? Do you want to make a difference?

  • Dave Mainland would be interested in hearing from you if you think that you can help us find opportunities for employment, work experience (including non-paid), and volunteering opportunities.

  • Dave would also be interested to hear of clubs, organisations, societies, and community groups that would be interested in welcoming new members.

  •  Dave would also be interested in hearing from members of the community prepared to help in a personal capacity - perhaps by offering to support people to try new out new things and meet new people.

If you think you can help please contact Dave on Tel: 01847 894158, or by email: Dave.Mainland@keyhousing.org .