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Ownership Options is a new charity and people in Caithness may not yet be aware of the possibilities for home ownership for disable people.  This information is there for provided to bring it to their attention.   - Bill Fernie.

Ownership Options in Scotland is a new charitable company that offers innovative solutions to meeting the housing needs of disabled people. Specifically the company aims to enable people with either physical or learning disabilities to enter, or remain within, home ownership as the primary means of meeting their housing needs.

For some time it has been apparent to us that there is a gap in the housing market for suitable accommodation required for individuals and families that include a person with a physical/learning disability. It may not be possible, for example, for Local Authority or Housing Association to provide the type of accommodation that the disabled person requires, in the area where they wish to live. This can leave many disabled people feeling that they have no other housing option open to them, unaware that home ownership is an option to which they could aspire.

Ownership Options in Scotland exists to develop more housing choice for disabled people. We aim to provide advice and assistance on some of the legal, technical and financial issues. This includes looking at options that may enable people with limited financial resources to:

  • purchase their own property
  • acquire suitable sites from the Local Authority
  • access Local Authority/Scottish Homes grant funding
  • adapt the property to meet the specific needs and wishes of the client

A recent example of Ownership Options in Scotland working in partnership with Scottish Homes and Highland Council has enabled a disabled person to purchase her own home, specifically designed and adapted for her needs.

If you area aware of individuals or families with a disabled member and whose needs cannot be met through suitable rented accommodation from the Local Authority or local housing Association, it may be possible for Ownership Options in Scotland to assist with meeting your housing needs through home ownership.

Ownership Options in Scotland is a bold, new and exciting venture that will eventually cover the whole of Scotland. At present we are developing new partnerships with a wide spectrum of housing and support agencies to ensure that out service reaches as many of those in need as possible.

To discuss, in the first instance, whether or not home ownership would be the best, or a possible, choice of tenure, please contact Ann Evans, Housing Policy Officer, Highland Council on 01463 702 889 or either Richard Hamer or Helen chandler at the address listed below.

Contact Richard Hamer or Helen Chandler.
Ownership Options in Scotland Ltd, Unit 2, John Cotton Centre, 10 Sunnyside, Edinburgh EH7 5RA
Tel: 0131 661 3400 Scottish Charity No. SCO27335

For more information and leaflets go to the Ownership Options Web site

Note from Bill Fernie
It is possible for disabled people to become owners of property even if they are on benefits.  Certain grants and special loans may be available through a variety of sources which Ownership Options can discuss.  Anyone on low income should not be discouraged from making enquiries about his potential source of housing.