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Repair and Improvement Grants From Highland Council

8 July 08
Help To Improve Highland Homes
Residents in the
Highlands may be eligible for a council grant to help towards making improvements to their home so homeowners, tenants, crofters and landlords are being advised to check to see if they qualify for help.

Grants are available to homeowners who have lived their property for at least 2 years and who use the property as their main residence. Disabled homeowners are automatically entitled for help with certain improvement work provided that the Council is satisfied that the works are necessary.

Crofters are treated as homeowners and additional help may be available to them through the Crofter’s Commission Croft House Grant Scheme.

Landlords may get a grant if they let their property to people who are not members of their family.  If they let their property to disabled tenants, they are obliged to carry out certain work.

Tenants can apply to get a grant for any work that is their responsibility under their lease, but they will be required to seek the permission of their landlord.

All grants are awarded at the discretion of The Highland Council but there are works that automatically qualify for grant such as installing a bath or shower, for the first time, specifically for the use of a disabled person.

Works eligible for grant fall into the following categories:

Repairs:  This includes re-roofing, re-roughcasting, structural repairs, replacement of lead pipes, replacement or repairs to defective windows & doors

Improvements such as the provision of baths and showers and hot and cold water

Adaptations to meet the needs of disabled occupiers

Council Grant Officers are happy to give general advice on repair and improvements and are able to give sound advice on what assistance the Council may be able to offer.

Anyone wishing to find out more should contact their local grants officer for further details.

Sutherland & Caithness 01408 635325
The above number was faulty on 8 July 2008.  If you have a problem contact the service point -
Caithness Service Points
Council Offices Rotterdam Street KW148AB
01847 805500
Area Office Market Square KW1 4AB
01955 607783

Inverness                     01463 703946

Ross & Cromarty          01349 868498/868651

Nairn                           01540 664508

Lochaber                     01397 707006

Badenoch & Strathspey 01540 664508

Skye & Lochalsh          01478 612727

Care & Repair Service
In addition, if any household has a member of the family over 60 years old or has someone living there who has a disability then they may be able to ask the local Care and Repair service to help.  This is a confidential service that provides free information and advice to homeowners and tenants.

Contacts for this service are:

Pentland Housing Association – for the Caithness area
01847 807107

Cairn Housing Association – for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey
01463 229151

ILM Highland – for Ross & Cromarty
01349 884565

ILM Highland – for Sutherland
01549 402679

Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association – for Skye & Lochalsh
01478 612035

Lochaber Care & Repair – for the Lochaber area
01397 706333