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Archie Sinclair
Fossil Centre

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This unique local hall and exhibition run by local people has a collection of fossils and a film show about the Flagstone Industry in Caithness. There are also sections on the Flora and Fauna of the Flow Country.  The group have been gifted 15 acres of land and are working to make this an attractive area to visit and help people in searching for fossils.  The area will be wooded and this will enhance the small ponds in the area.  The volunteers are working hard to get the area ready for next year.  
The hall serves teas and snacks.
The centre is open Wednesday to Sunday - 10.00am - 4.00pm

The Fossil Centre

Chairperson Mrs Sheila Gillon Lower Toftingall Farm, Watten. Caithness 01955 621257
Secretary Mrs Schofield The Bungalow, Spittal. Caithness 01847 841232