4,000BC  First people arrive in Caithness
3,500BC  Chambered Cairns 
2,000-500BC  Bronze Age settlements in Dunnet Sands
500 BC  Iron Age Settlers - Brochs 
100AD  Picts - sculptured stones
6th C  Christianity - Celtic Saints - Fynbar, Barrock, St. Trostan, Olrig, 
893AD  Vikings - Elrick (Olrig), son of a Viking chief
10thC  Viking lady buried with elaborate brooches in Broch mound
1014  Battle of Clontarf - Valkyries weave their gory web at Sysa
1196  Battle of Clairdon
13thC Crusades, Nunnery at Murkle
1570  First Minister of Olrig
1601  Timothy Pont, Minister of Dunnet
1633  St. Trostans Church, Olrig
1699  Broynach Affair- Church attitude prevents Laird from marrying
See chapter 12 - History of Caithness
18thC  70 families owned Caithness - 26 named Sinclair
1751  George Traill married Jean Murray of Clairdon and Castlehill House
1794  Agricultural Improvements
Traill instigated
Lint mill, barley and corn Mill also a threshing machine
For more on James Traill See Chapter 15 History Of Caithness
1800  Rise of Castletown 
1825  Castletown Harbour - known as Castlehill
1836  John O'Groat Journal 
1840  Parish Church built in Village
1843  Free Church built in Village
1860  Church of Scotland Manse
Meeting to demand first pay rise for flagstone workers in 30 years.
Caithness Courier established
1867 Traill Hall opened
1872  Flagstone workers Strike for better pay and conditions
1893  Two day week in Flagstone Industry
1902  Relief fund for unemployed flag stone workers
1913  United Free Church (Current Parish Church)
1919  Commencement of houses in Murrayfield
1925  War Memorial
1931  Harland Gardens
1935  Electric mains cables reach Castletown
1940  Castletown Airfield
1944  Spitfire VC of 504 Squadron last to leave Castletown airfield
1946  Traill Street commenced
1950  Army huts used as a youth Hostel
Road between Castletown and Dunnet received a tarmac surface
1954  Dounreay
1958  Durran School closed
1965  Greenland School closed
1965  New junior Secondary extension built
1967  New Junior Secondary Extension closed
1970  Murkle and Dunnet Schools closed
1972  Norfrost Opened
1984  Castletown Heritage Established
1992  Flagstone Walk laid out
1996  Community Woodland planted
2002 Flagstone Traill book Published
2003 Flagstone Traill Paths improved and upgraded with disabled access