Castletown Heritage was set up in 1984 to safeguard and develop the history, character and crafts of the parish of Olrig, Caithness

AGM 29 April 2004
The AGM is being held in Castletown Drill Hall - Small Hall on Thursday 29th April 2004 at 7.30pm.
Following the business of the AGM their will be a talk by Dr Andy Heald, the Caithness Archaeological Trust archaeologist, on the items found during the recent field walking under taken as part of a training course being run in Caithness. Dr Heald will talk about the items found, what they were used for and how to find the items yourself.  Hopefully he will be able to bring along some of the items and let you see a real flint arrowhead and a stone axe.

Autumn Newsletter

McIvor & Allen Chip Carvers - Additional Photographs

Castlehill Flagstone Heritage Traill
A significant upgrading of the footpaths and disabled access work has been completed.  There is much to see and plenty of information boards to let visitors know what happened on the site.   More On Castlehill Flagstone Traill

18 July 2002
We have left our premises due to the building being sold and are at present looking at a few options for the future. It looks like none of these options will be available this summer
Contact Muriel Murray on 01847 821204

Chair Muriel Murray, Vice Chair Maureen Cormack, Secretary Joyce Brown (as At 1 May 2002)

18 July 2002
New Book Out
Flagstone Village Price 14.95

Our book is now available from bookshops and newsagents and selected post offices across the county.
Or contact 01847 821742 or 01847 821204



Newsletter Spring/Summer 2002

As we bid farewell to our current premises and we look back over the last 3 years many things have happened.

We opened in the paint box in November 1998 to see what sort of response we received from locals and visitors alike. The response has given us sufficient confidence to consider moving to bigger and better premises. However it is sad to leave and as we look back on the past three years we have met so many interesting people from near and far who have shared in some way the history of this part of the world. People from Aberdeen, California, Norway, Balerno, Portugal, Hawick, Fraserburgh, Stornoway, Germany, Leicestershire, France, Northumberland, USA, Canada, Blackpool, Worcester, Shetland, Nottingham, Sweden, New Zealand, Scarfskerry, Gothigill and not to mention Thurso, Wick and many many from Castletown. It has been an immense pleasure to see so many people with connections and also with more small pieces of the jigsaw that is the history of Castletown, Caithness.

As you will know we are currently seeking new premises as our present stay in the Paint Box is due to come to an end in June. We are at present investigating the feasibility of renovating a small part of the buildings presently owned by The Highland Council down at Castlehill. In the meantime we are looking for temporary accommodation for the summer season. Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed.

Visitors to the Flagstone Trail will notice that all work has now been completed on the paths. Mr Innes Moodie, the village officer, has offered to trim the grass for us. Shortly new interpretative boards will be erected around the trail


Saturday morning dawned with bright sunshine, gale force winds and high tides. As every time we tried to put a piece of rubbish in our bags the wind caught the contents and scattered them to the far corners we decided to postpone the beach clean until the Sunday afternoon and better weather. Sadly as a beautiful Saturday afternoon and evening passed by Sunday afternoon brought high winds and torrential rain. The result was we did clean the beach and the
elements cleaned and scoured us