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Laidhay Croft

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Laidhay Preservation Trust
The Caithness Croft

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Laidhay Museum Tearoom

An example of the older type of Caithness croft building has been preserved by the trust.  It is a long single storey building with the traditional byre being incorporated into the dwelling.  there are many examples around the area which are now at different stages of decay.  This example has been furnished with many of the traditional items which would have been used over the last 150 years.  Many local people have donated items covering many periods and provide an interesting look at what has been used in the area.  Personal belongings, kitchen implements and many farm tools and examples of old machinery are on display.

Laidhay From North

Wall Showing Roof Couple

Traditional Roof Structure

The property has a thatched roof sitting on a  bed of turfs or divots. The walls are pointed with lime and whitewashed.
The barn is in excellent condition and shows many features from the period.
A walk through the house will whisk you back to a simpler age and give a brief insight into the lives of the hardy crofters of Caithness.

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The croft is situated just outside Dunbeath on the main road north.

There is a tearoom in a nearby building run by the members of the trust.
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Caithness Historical Notes 1750 - 1900 
D Omand Moravian Field Club 
Introduction and The Croft House

Food and Drink
Clothing and Footwear
The Landholding and Crofting System

Farm Stock
Crops and Manure
Fences and Dykes

Many other articles on Caithness History are appearing regularly in Caithness Field Club Bulletins

29 January 03
Grant For New Shed To House Implements