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1st Caithness, 1st Wick Scouts
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The 1st CAITHNESS, 1st WICK SCOUTS meetings are moving to Mondays from 7:35 pm to 9:35 pm, starting on Monday 17 November 2003

The groups meet:

Mondays 6:00-7:15

Beaver Leader: Elaine McCombie
 01955 604735

Thursdays 6:30-8:00

Cub Leader: Alistair Richard, 01955 605433

Mondays 7:35-9:35

Scout Leader:

Mondays 7:35-9:35

Explorer Scout Leader:

Contacts by email

Scouts are active in the Wick area and in Caithness. Beavers is for boys or girls from six to eight (6-8) years of age; Cubs is for boys from eight to ten and a half (8-10.5) years of age; Scouts is for boys or girls from ten and a half to fourteen (10.5 - 14) years of age; and Explorer Scouts is for boys or girls from fourteen to eighteen (14 - 18). All the groups encourage the development of both co-operative and individual skills and foster a sense of belonging and achievement.

If you would like to contact a group leader to enquire about a place for your child in the Scout movement or about Scouts in general please contact the appropriate leader.

Scouts is a non-profit volunteer organisation. If you have skills to share or if you would like to volunteer your time either occasionally, as a leader, or as part of the executive please contact one or all of the leaders.

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Scout Hall

Group From a few years ago

Early Wick Scout Picture Galleries

14 November 05
Scout Group Appeal For New Leaders

1st Wick Scout Group has a proud tradition dating back almost 80 years within Wick. As the 1st Scout troop to be formed within Caithness, we are extremely proud to carry the title of 1st Caithness as part of our identity.

Scouting, as a whole, has since developed over the preceding eight decades and currently caters for boys and girls of all ages from 6 years old through to 25 years of age. This is well demonstrated within the Wick Scout Group via Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network Scouts.

Scouting, as a worldwide organisation is well organised, well developed and extremely well supported, both at a local and national level. There is a wealth of information and support materials available from the Scout Group, the Scout District and Area and via the Internet ( www.scoutbase.org ) as well as a huge support base within the County to assist with training, development, programme planning, camping, hiking, climbing etc.

All of these troops and units require assistance and guidance at various levels starting from Beavers & Cubs through to Scouts, with limited assistance required for Explorers and next to none for Network Scouts. We are very fortunate that Beavers and Cubs are well catered for as regards Leaders and Helpers but the Scouts and Explorers are not so well off. This can be seen by the fact that Wick Scouts, for the first time that I recall, are unable to attend and compete in the Area County Camp competition.

Without additional help, the 1st Caithness, 1st Wick Scout troop will not continue as they do at the moment. We may end up with a fortnightly meeting which may discourage the Scouts and eventually Scouts may stop altogether! This will be a great shame and a great loss to Wick and those Cubs and Beavers currently progressing through Scouting. It is with these thoughts that I ask if someone knows of anyone who may be interested in becoming a Scout Leader, Assistant Scout Leader, or Parent Helper or just simply lend a hand now and then. If so, please get in touch with myself to discuss this. Without help and support the Wick Scout troop will not be able to offer the opportunities it has for generations of young adults in future.

Alistair Ross
Tel 01955 603883

28 June 04
Scouts Midsummer Cycle At Rumster
As part of Midsummer Madness, 1st Caithness, 1st Wick Scouts went on an evening cycle run to Rumster Forest.   The Scouts enjoyed exploring Rumster Forest and some of the new trails that have been built by The Forestry Commission to create a fun and challenging circle route that can be enjoyed by cyclists of all abilities.  After the run the Scouts enjoyed a snack before being given a short talk on forest management by Steven Fraser.  It was a great evening out and one that the Scouts hope to repeat in the future.

4 May 03
Beavers And Scouts Planting
At Newtonhill community Woodland

The Beavers and 1st Wick Scouts were involved in a planting day up at Newtonhill on Saturday 29th March.  Here is a photo showing many of the young helpers on the day.  The flagstone flower beds were funded through the Planning and Development Service of the Highland Council in an attempt to encourage safe community involvement at all levels at the woodland.

9 March 03
Scouts Help Marie Curie Cancer Care Raise Funds In Wick
Wick Scouts were out to help Bill from Caithness.org do some fund raising for Marie Curie Cancer Care at Safeways supermarket in Wick.   A couple of the boys hare old hands having helped last year.  So thanks to all the boys and their leaders for helping out once again.

10 February 2003
Leaders Needed
1st Wick Scouts is growing, and with the recent increase in numbers we need adults willing to help.  If you have a skill you would like to share (canoeing, abseiling, crafts etc), would like to help on the committee or would like to become a Scout, Cub or Beaver Leader please contact the Scouts on  wick_scouts@yahoo.co.uk or visit us on Friday evenings 7-9:00 at the Wick Scout Hall on Kirk Hill.

Kilts and Accessories Needed
With the recent increase in numbers we have a need for donations of old kilts and kilt accessories.  If anyone has any spare outfits or parts contact Rob Henderson

24 November 2002

Noss Head Tree Planting

Newtonhill - World Heritage Project

1st Wick Scouts and Others
At Netwonhill Spring Clean-up

As part of the challenge to earn a World Conservation badge,  the 1st Wick Scouts turned out in force and removed substantial amounts of litter and waste from the woodland.  - 9 May 2002

Wick Scouts Gave Up a few hours to help raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care On Saturday 2 March 2002 as part of their Daffodil Day

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