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Church of Scotland - Thurso
St. Peter's and St. Andrew's

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Churches & Places of Worship

Church Location
Princes Street, Thurso, Caithness

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Saint Andrew's Church
Old Saint Andrews' The former St Andrew's Church Thurso, in Olrig Street - about three minutes from the town centre - was originally built as the first Free Church in the town. The Church, with it's prominent spire, was opened for public worship in 1871. It became part of the United Free Church in 1900 and of the Church of Scotland in 1929. In 1946 it united with St Peter's Church to form St Peter's and Saint Andrew's Church and services were held in the two buildings on alternate Sundays until Saint Andrew's Church was closed in 1968. A part of Saint Andrew's Church is now used as a Funeral Parlour.

The ministers of Saint Peter's Church since 1833 are listed below:
1833 - 1843 Walter Ross Taylor
1843 - 1859 William Dalziel
1860 - 1910 John Stewart Miller
1910 - 1935 George R.MacLennan
1939 - 1946 Robert M. Fraser
1946 - 1951 Andrew K.Fairlie
1952 - 1964 Dugald C. Alexander
1965 - 1988 Donald S. Riach
1989 - 2005 Kenneth M. Borthwick

 Saint Peter's Church of Scotland was opened on the first Sunday of 1833. "A neat and plain church with a tower or spire to contain 1800 sitters and well adapted to hearing the minister. " The fine site is apparent as one approaches the town from the River Bridge. The interior of the church is attractive in it's layout with the pulpit and communion table at centre. In 1914 the present pipe organ was installed and the downstairs pews were replaced by the present comfortable seating centre. The pews upstairs are original. The memorial windows at either side of the pulpit are of particular note. It is thought that the founder of the Boys Brigade ,Sir William Smith, born at nearby Pennyland Farm, may have worshipped here as a boy.

Rev. Kenny Borthwick'

1989 - 2005
Kenneth M. Borthwick

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