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Caithness.org - Promoting Caithness groups and businesses for 20 years
Send us your information by email or floppy disk.  We have phone or email and our office is in our pocket so it goes where we go.  Give us a call and we will try to help with your information problem. 

To advertise on Caithness.org have you thought of using Google banner ads.  If you want more information then check out www.google.com/adwords - that is where all our ads come from these days and you can customise your ads to go to the areas you wish and set your own budget.

For many small businesses advertising is a big step but essential in many cases.  If your business is in Caithness or Sutherland makes sure you have a free page in our business indexes.  We will happily run articles about your business and all you need to do is email it to bill@caithness.org - send a photo related to your business if you have one.  Remember articles are FREE on our web sites so what are you waiting for.

Have you considered the possibilities for your web site being found be banners on Caithness.org and the Caithness Business Pages.  

For other advertising ideas contact Bill Fernie.  You get more for less at Caithness.org and lots for FREE.

Caithness Business Pages

or by phone-------------------------------------> +44 (0) 1955 604648    
Remember we run Caithness.org and the Caithness Business Index.

Enquiries about the groups etc should be directed to them - we list them but are not on all the many committees.

Business Directory
Please send any entry details or enquiries to Bill Fernie
Remember you can get a FREE business page on Caithness Business Pages if you have a business in Caithness. Now a completely separate web site built by Caithness.org and growing fast. 
Volunteer Information
Remember there are hundreds of voluntary groups in Caithness.  Check The Community Pages or use the search engine on most pages

Get you gigs advertised in the What's On or in the music pages.  Use the message boards but put your information on somewhere for others to see.  Don't keep it to yourself.  Shout about it!!!!
What's On
Sending lots of things to us is easy as there are Submission Forms or email on the site. Send us your information, newsletter or bits and pieces of interest or contact us to suggest a new way of presenting your information to a fast growing audience.  Are you a writer just starting out or an established writer wanting to get more coverage then why not give us a call and suggest a topic you would like to submit an article for.
Anyone can send in suggestions for us to consider. 

Send to bill@caithness.org  or niall@caithness.org 

Check out the Caithness Business Pages