daak to nod off
darg manual work
daud piece of
day amang the sdockens unexpected commotion
deaved deafened
deedlin mouth music
deited dizzy, lightheaded, daft
deugin stubborn
dicht to clean
dird to flit about
dirdie-flicher butterfly
Dirdie-Wicker an inhabitant of Wick
dirl to vibrate, to ring, to (cause to) tingle
dirler chamber pot
divadies little fleecy clouds
doad fool, useless person
dochter daughter
doo pigeon
doon-lookit cunning, untrustworthy
dort to sulk
dottled senile
doup end, stump, backside
dour unsmiling person
dreich cold and misty
drocht drought, thirsty
drooglan dirty
drookin to get a soaking
drookit soaked
drumlie cold
drumoid sad, unhappy
drunt slow person
duds clothes
dunt to knock against, (to give) a heavy blow (to)
dwam loss of consciousness