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Wick High School Rugby 1974

5 October 2004
From Sandy Bain
Formerly of Kennedy tce and Weivon, Albert St, Wick
Now Bedlington, Northumberland

Was going through some old photos and came up with this..30 years on!!, proud as punch we were.... Almost as proud as Bill Oliver our coach and mentor, but some odd statistics to relate, 3 of the seven were from the same street!  Willie Sinclair, Graham Sutherland (gae-gae) and myself Sandy Bain (Kennedy Terrace), Four of us played for East End in the same team with a round ball some better than others... (multi skilling in Kennedy) that's the same three plus Ali Mackay.   One of the lads is a famous twin..but which one is it Jamie or Ian Scott....?  Jamie from memory,
I'd be delighted to here from any of them! they are;
Back row Jamie Scott,Willie Sinclair, Donald (dods) Mackay, Robert (?) Hamilton(hammy!the vets son) Front row Alistair Mackay, Graham Sutherland, Gordon Inglis, Sandy Bain