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Early Caithness Pictures  

Thurso Scouts
From Alan MacPherson

1968 was a significant year in the history of 2nd Thurso Scouts.  It was Scout Leader Clive Campbell's first complete year in charge and, with his more than able Assistant Scout Leader Rowland Shallcross, completely transformed the scout troop into one of the best in Scotland.

Most of the photographs were taken by myself,  Alan Macpherson - Patrol Leader of the Eagle Patrol using a Cosmic 35 camera and were taken on a variety of makes of colour slide film.  Many of the slides have now deteriorated with colour casts and dirt/fungus engrained in the emulsion.  The photographs are however still viewable.  Where photographs are by other people I have clearly stated this on the photograph description.  Some photographs - the ones I am in -   were taken with my camera but by somebody else.  If my memory serves me correctly such pictures would have been taken by one of the following  - Clive Campbell,  Rowland Shallcross,  Graham Moncur,  Gordon Moncur or Eric Livingstone.

I have forgotten some details - it was nearly 40 years ago - and I have probably spelt some names and places incorrectly and for this I apologise.

Each photo has a brief caption and there is also  a text list of the photos in each section,  file name info,  which often gives much more information on the photos and I suggest that you print this to refer to when viewing the photographs.

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A Summer Camp At Golspie 1968 - Added 11 February 07

In Orkney 1968

The Gang Show - Feb 1968
The gang show "Scoutabout" was held in Thurso Town Hall in February 1968 and was a joint venture between 1st and 2nd Thurso Scout Groups.  It was the second gang show that I had taken part in,  the first one being with the cub scouts a few years previously.

I did not take any of these photographs myself.

All the photographs are from duplicate slides made from slides taken by the 1st Thurso Assistant Scout Leader whose name was,  I think,  Max Bancroft.
GS 01   The opening number,  a song called wave the flag.
GS 02   At the end of the song we all threw our arms in the air and yelled "wave the flag".
GS 03   A play by 1st Thurso Scouts which I think revolved about a Railway Station.
GS 04   A play by 2nd Thurso Scouts about a dream/hospital,  written by Jim Livingstone who by then was probably the Group Scout Leader.  L- R  Alan Macpherson (Me !),  Eric Livingstone (on table),  Kevin Holiday.  I am not sure who is in the white shirt. It may have been Kevin's brother Peter.
GS 05   The final act of the show - a camp fire scene.
GS 06   The flags of the troops at the end of the show - The 2nd Thurso union flag is held by Graham Moncur and the Troop Colours by myself.