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Wick Girls Pipe Band

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Wick Girls Pipe Band
Author - Not Known

I will give a wee story if you will just look up
How Wick Girls Pipe Band won the Scottish Cup
Now Jim made us practice with all wir might
But as Helen says 'his barks worse than his bite'
At length we all set off, packed in Jamesies bus
Wi Lilly and Rita and the whole band of us
At long last we wir on our way, out trip was to take us
most of the day
We landed in Edinburgh just after six an before we were
settled some were in a fix
Ah want wi her and she wants wi me
you should have been there to see the melee.
Now on Setterday is was lovely and bright,
The gairdens looked bonny and the day was just right
As we made our way there with out hopes held high,
Till win that cup, we were determined to try
We practiced again for about an hour on end
Jim tuning the pipes, helped by a friend
At last out time came, it was our turn to play
We were all excited, so weel we may
Some were shakkin like leaves, some up till high doh
as we stepped on the platform, row after row
We got our command and started to play and did our
best come what may
We finished our set and marched off to cheer after cheer
Hoping for the best the results now to hear
Ither Bands played on, our anxiety grew,
Wid they no hurry up till the results we knew
At length the end came, our hopes kept up,
We had won, yes its true, we hed won the cup
We roared and we cheered and some eyes were dim
As Lillian proudly handed it over to Jim
Now as Scottish Champions we may try once again
This was out wish as we drank the champagne
I could tell you some more of the fun we hed there
but no, id better stop, so I'll tell ye nae mare.