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Percussion Information

Music 0f Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, America

Songs of The Sea

Popular Music News - Updating on Caithness.org

All Music Guide - history of every type of music

Click Music - Lots of entertaining stuff and news

New Musical Express

Music 365

Q Online - Database of reviews on over 18,000 releases.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

American Sheet Music 1870 - 1885 47,000 pieces

Historic American Sheet Music  1850 - 1920

Music Theory
Composers Web Pages
Encyclopedia of Percussion

Classical Percussion
Musical Acoustics

Hobo Music - Contact Board for musicians - search , booking and more

Virtual Library Music Links - Massive Links Here

Classic FM Free Listings of Concerts and Events UK

Interactive Guide to the Symphony
Biographies of composers, live recordings in Real Audio and more.

Classical Music Web Ring

Index of Classical Music Web Sites

Music Web Ring

Classics Online
Try this for live opera and performances
Check it out for their full programme of live events

Latest Music sharing site


Global Music Network

Masses of Musical Web Rings

Guitar Music

Free Stuff Links
For Real Audio free stuff

All Music Guide
For a huge amount of information and music leads 
It has a great search engine.

Indie News

Rap Station



Farm Club

Classic Source

Charts, interviews, hear it, video, animation

Rough Guide to Music
Classical, Jazz, Opera, Reggae and music all over the world

Lots of free music - new bands

EMI Chrysalis
For links to groups and artists.

Chart CD's for 8.99


Musical Archive/Radiostation




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Database of Popular Music

Early Music Network

Cyber Sitar

Over one million tunes- you count them....
Plus other features like news.

National Centre for Popular Music

Music Industry Search

Royal Academy of Music

Software archive

British Bands Getting Started on the Net
Click these for huge selections of new bands


Looking for a name for your band then try

Weird Band Names

BBC Music Live

Classical Search

Classical Net

Reviews on CD's and over 2600 Classical Links

Virtual Philharmonic

More Classical Music Links


Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (RSAMD)


New Musical Express

Audio-Visual Fractal Melodies Composer

Mann's Music
The oldest music shop in Britain

Virgin Jamcast
New Digital Audio Service
Registration now open.  Service starts in 2000.

Cool Edit
Freeware direct-to-disk recorder and sample editor

The Internet CD Exchange
A global swap shop and free shipping for more than six.

CD Hut


Jazz Central Station
Jazz multimedia site in English and Japanese.

National Traditional Jazz

Sound dogs
Masses of sound effects for sale.

Musicians Union

Drum & Beat Arena

International Association of Music Libraries
Archives and Documentation Centres (UK)

Grant Golding

Nigel Boddice Conductor

Jazz Improvisation

National Traditional Jazz

Bo Diddley - In depth site

What To Think About When You Conduct

All of the BBC music sites

Scottish Folk

History of Psalm Tunes

Guitar Music Links

Steve Reich Page
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.

Classical Music - Classical Net Frames - Classical Music

An Introduction to Classical Music

Classical Net - Composer Master Index

A massive amount of search engines in one place

Musical jokes

Opera Base -huge database and links

Energy In The Air - Sounds of the Orchestra