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26 October 03
Heather Myles And The Cadillac Cowboys
Friday 7 November
All the way from California on a three stop tour in Scotland in Thurso Perth and Ayr .

9 July 03
Caithness Country Music Festival
The NNCMC is to run a country music festival 9 - 11 April 2004. the festival will take place in Gillock Park, Thurso and the local caravan site will open to allow people to use the caravan camp site.

NNCMC has been operating for 16 years and have long has thoughts about running a festival in the north.  the main reason they have not tried before was due to the Orkney Country Festival being staged each year.  this has now ceased and the Caithness group thought it was time they tried.

A large Marquee will be put up to stage the event.  It is hoped to feature national and international country singers.

Chair David Shearer
Tel Barrock 851775
Sec David Oag
Tel 01847 821330