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Allan Tait - Valerie Webster - Deirdrie Aitken


February 18, 2001

Mr G Nichols
Cultural & Leisure Manager
Market Square

Dear Sir,

You will recall that just before Xmas we met with yourself to discuss our concerns at the extent of the restrictions imposed at Wick Swimming Pool.

We think it is fair to say that the main point agreed was that safety and access would both be improved if a balance could be struck between restricting admittance and more proactive measures to counter the risks identified on the Risk Assessment.

It has been our argument that to much emphasis has been put to restricting access and not enough on countering the perceived risks. At the meeting you confirmed that you would be reviewing the whole life guarding, staffing issue with your staff. In view of this can you advise what progress has been made on the following :

1. Lifeguards being aware of their responsibilities if pool users are not being responsible.

2. Revised life guarding position bearing in mind you confirmed the “wall” is not satisfactory per advice from your Health & Safety officer.

3. The provision of a “highchair” as used in other pools for improved views.

4. Blinds or paint on windows to counter glare.

5. Clarification of the numbers of staff at pool side as you will recall that we were of the opinion that more often than not three lifeguards were on duty, a number more that adequate to monitor the safety of everyone who would want to go swimming.

6. The possibility of reducing the age for one to one supervision to under two’s. With a parent with a child under two and another pre-school age being catered for at a special weekly session.

It is our opinion that the tackling of some of these issues would do a lot more for safety in Wick Pool than any revised guidelines issued by the ISRM whatever they may state.

We look forward to receiving a positive response in the near future.


Valerie Webster

Deirdre Aitken

Allan Tait