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Mr. A. Tait,
7 Dempster Street, Wick,

 Dear Allan,


Thank you for your letter of 12 February seeking an update since our meeting on 18th December 2000.

1.  I can confirm that this issue is being addressed through regular staff meetings, and the Facility Manager has discussed it with shift supervisors.,_.

Our lifeguards are generally excellent, and we feel this approach will serve to ensure their being aware of the responsibility.

2. This matter is on going, discussions have taken place, and again the regular staff meetings will address this matter.

There will also be regular "spot check visits" introduced to monitor this and other aspects of our Service.

3. The Facility Manager is considering this as an option, although the preference is for regular patrolling.

4. We are investigating the glare problem with Property & Architectural Services, and hope that a suitable solution can be found.

Staff numbers rarely allow for 3 lifeguards to be on poolside. The rota allows for slight overlaps but generally there is maximum of 2 lifeguards on duty in the pool hall.

6. This issue will depend more on the review we intend to conduct towards the end of March. It is intended to do this to see the operational effect of the above measures and subject to positive results we may be able to reduce the 1: 1 supervision to under two's

I would like to point out that the management of safety in swimming pools is a delicate balancing act, between the types of issues covered above and restricting access. Unfortunately it is an ever changing situation, and varies from minute to minute. As a result there is no single guaranteed formula to ensure safety.

 Everyone involved is keen to prevent excluding people, but we have to ensure that safety is of paramount importance, hence the balance between measures and controls.

Yours sincerely,


Graham Nichols

Area Cultural & Leisure Services Manager Caithness & Sutherland

cc G. Sanders - Facilities Manager Area Cultural & Leisure Services Manager - Caithness & Sutherland: Graham Nichols, Market Square, Wick. KWI 4AB Tel: (01955) 607771 Fax: (01955) 604524