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Aberdeen And Northern Marts
17 March 2003

Caithness Livestock Centre - Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 316 store cattle at their March show and sale at Quoybrae.

The show, sponsored by North of Scotland Newspapers, was judged by Mr W Stewart, Greenfold, Bridge of Marnoch, Huntly who placed as champion a 627kg Limousin cross bullock consigned by Mrs I MacKenzie, Achalone, Halkirk, and sold for 720 to the judge.

Reserve champion was a 412kg Limousin cross heifer fron G Oag, Brims Mains, Forss, Thurso and sold for 445 to F A Smart Snr, Bucholly, Torphins.   Bullocks (213) sold to 192 p for a pair of 219kg Simmental crosses  from Messrs Gunn, West Canisbay, Wick  to average 127.8p. Top price was 738 for
a 682kg Charolais cross from G Campbell (Farmers) Ltd, Thurdistift, Castletown.

Heifers (102) sold to 134p for a pen of eleven 269kg Simmental cross from Messrs Gunn, West Canisbay  to average 108.5p. Top price was 590  for a 580kg Simmental cross from G Campbell (Farmers) Ltd.

Bull (1) sold to 141.6p to gross 500 for a 353kg Limousin cross from A B Todd, Hoy Farm, Halkirk.

Leading prices per head -
Bullocks -
201-250kg - 420 West Canisbay.
251-300kg - 505 West Canisbay.
301-350kg - 505 Ruthers; 482 Westerloch.
351-400kg - 580 Overton (Nicolson); 570 Roadside, Bilbster.
401-450kg - 598 Westerloch; 590 Hillside, Killimster.
451-500kg - 650 Mey Smithy; 645 Reiss Lodge; 640 Lower Thura.
501-550kg - 675 Brabsterdorran Mains; 670 Charleston; 660 Sour Farm.
551-600kg - 715 Sour Farm; 688 Clachan and Thurdistoft.
601-650kg - 710 Thurdistoft; 700 Sour Farm.
651-700kg - 718 Clachan.

Heifers -
201-250kg - 270 West Canisbay.
251-300kg - 360 West Canisbay.
301-350kg - 395 West Canisbay ; 340 Westerloch.
351-400kg - 440 Alterwall; 420 Lower Thura and Ackergill Mains.
401-450kg -. 455 Ackergill Mains; 445 Brims Mains; 435 Mey Smithy.
451-500kg - 575 Mey Smithy; 495 Thurdistoft.
501-550kg - 510 Sour Farm; 498 Brabsterdorran Mains.

Leading prices per kg -
Bullocks -

251-300kg - 175p Hoy Farm; 172p West Canisbay.
301-350kg  - 153p Ruthers; 151p Westerloch.
351-400kg - 148p Overton; 145p Roadside, Bilbster.
401-450kg - 142p Overton; 141p Lower Thura; 140p Quoynee Farm.
451-500kg - 139p Westerloch; 135p Mey Smithy; 134p Lynegar.
501-550kg - 131p Brabsterdorran Mains; 128p Reiss Lodge; 127p Charleston.
551-600kg - 123p Sour Farm; 122p Clachan and Thurdistoft.
601-650kg - 115p Thurdistoft; 114p Sour Farm.

201-250kg - 128p West Canisbay.
301-350kg - 118p West Canisbay.
351-400kg - 114p Brims Mains and Winless Mains; 113p Alterwall.
401-450kg - 108p Alterwall; 106p Roadside, Bilbster; 104p Ackergill Mains.
451-500kg - 117p Mey Smithy.
501-550kg - 100p Sour Farm; 95p Brabsterdorran Mains.
551-600kg - 102p Thurdistoft.

Prize list - Single bullock 1. Mrs I MacKenzie 2. D A Budge, Brae-edge 3. A G Simpson, Oldhall. Single heifer 1. and 2. G Oag, Brims Mains 3. A & J Banks, Sour Farm.

Pair heifers 1. W & J Coghill, Ackergill Mains. Pen of four 1. and 2. G Campbell (Farmers) Ltd.