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Aberdeen And Northern Marts
9 April 2003 - April Show

Caithness Livestock Centre

Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 671 store cattle at their April show and sale at Quoybrae.

The show, sponsored by W & A Geddes Ltd, Wick was judged by Mr A Ingram,

East Comalegy, Dunblade, Huntly who placed as champion a 397kg Limousin cross bullock consigned by G E & A Mowat, Quoynee, Halkirk and sold for 590 to G MacKenzie, Pentland View, East Mey.

Reserve champion was a 331kg Limousin cross heifer from Mrs I MacKenzie, Achalone, Halkirk and sold for 450  to G P Smart & Son, Shiel, Alford. Bullocks (403) sold to 174 p for a pair of 267kg Limousin crosses  from J Henderson, Bual, Ramscraigs, Dunbeath  to average 134.8p.

Top price was 725 for a 714kg Simmental cross from T & I Alexander, Slickly, Lyth, Wick.
Heifers (268) sold to 150p for three 290kg Limousin cross from Count A Knuth, Ribigill Farm, Tongue  to average 112.9p. Top price was 572  for a 556kg Charolais cross from G Campbell (Farmers) Ltd, Thurdistoft, Castletown.

Leading prices per head -
Bullocks -
201-250kg - 340 Burnthill.
251-300kg - 465 Bual, Ramscraigs; 442 Ha' Durran; 440 West Gersa.
301-350kg - 540 No3 Braal; 515 Ha' Durran; 510 No 3 Forss.
351-400kg - 615 No3 Braal; 572 West Gersa 570 Catchery.
401-450kg - 615 Catchery; 612 Gillock Mains.
451-500kg - 675 Catchery; 660 No3 Lochend; 640 Philips Mains.
501-550kg - 690 Mid- Keiss (Sutherland); 680 Strath Farm; 678 Keiss Mains.
551-600kg - 695 Slickly; 595 Keiss Mains; 580 Westerloch.

Heifers -
201-250kg - 260 Burnthill.
251-300kg - 435 Ribigill Farm; 350 No3 Braal.
301-350kg - 450 Achalone; 445 Ribigill Farm; 415 Ha' Durran.
351-400kg - 535 Quoyshakes; 465 Quoynee.
401-450kg -. 508 Strath Farm; 500 Philips Mains; 485 Charleston.
451-500kg - 565 Slickly; 520 Philips Mains; 515 Thurdistoft.
501-550kg - 555 Slickly; 535 Charleston.
551-600kg - 570 Westerloch; 550 Charleston.

Leading prices per kg -
Bullocks -

201-250kg - 150p Burnthill.
251-300kg - 170p Bual.
301-350kg  -165p No3 Braal; 158p No3 Forss; 156p Bual.
351-400kg -164p No3 Braal; 161p Newlands of Geise; 152p Keiss Mains
401-450kg -147p Gillock Mains; 143.3p Newlands of Geise; 143p No3 Lochend.
451-500kg - 137p No3 Lochend; 135p Catchery; 133p Charleston.
501-550kg - 133p Strath Farm; 131p Mid-Keiss; 130p Keiss Mains.
551-600kg - 119p Slickly.

201-250kg - 109p Burnthill.
251-300kg - 125p No3 Braal and Ribigill Farm.
301-350kg - 136p Ribigill Farm; 124p Achalone.
351-400kg - 134p Quoyshakes; 123p Winless Mains and Rockhill.
401-450kg - 119p Philips Mains; 118p Charleston; 117p Strath Farm.
451-500kg - 117p Slickly; 114p Philips Mains;111p Charleston.
501-550kg - 102p Slickly; 101p Charleston.
551-600kg - 103p Thurdistoft; 102p Westerloch.

Prize list - Single bullock 1. G E & A Mowat 2. and 3. Mrs C C MacKenzie,
Achalone Croft. Single heifer 1. 2.and 3. Mrs I MacKenzie, Achalone.
Pair bullocks 1. Mrs I MacKenzie 2. Messrs MacIvor, Newlands of Geise.
Pair heifers 1. G Campbell (Farmers) Ltd, Thurdistoft.
Pen of Four (any sex) 1 Messrs MacIvor 2. and 3. A & J Cormack, Ha' Durran.