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Fishing In Caithness
Loch Calder Fishing Association

Loch open 15th March  - 6th October 2006

Heaviest Fish Caught in 2005 2lbs 1oz

Average fish caught in 2005 8.87ozs

Prices  5 per season  2.50 for seven days

Tickets can be obtained from
Harpers, Thurso
Hugo Ross, Wick
Water Bailiff Mrs Dunnet - house in the trees on east shore of the loch.

Boat Hire
Donald Mackay, Achaguie  01847 831 650
Boats hired separately

Fishing Lessons
On The Loch
Contact bailiff Tel 01847 871 220 who will arrange if their is sufficient demand

A Cracking 6lb Calder Trout

Shooting Line At Loch Calder

Photos supplied by Lesley Crawford one of the leading anglers and fishing writers in the highlands