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Fishing In Caithness

Annual Marymas Competition
St John's Loch

The evening of Wednesday 7th August saw the annual Marymas Competition fished on the loch. Some 16 anglers participated and a sum amounting to 80.00 was raised and donated to the Britannia Hall Committee. Fishing was difficult as the loch has been affected by an Algae bloom and unusually heavy weed growth this year. A number of good fish were seen but these proved difficult to tempt to the fly. Only five anglers each returned one fish at the weigh-in.
Eddie Beatty - 1 for 0.9ozs.
Jimmy Simpson - 1 for 0.10ozs.
John Briscombe - 1 for 1lb 3ozs.
Bill Robertson - 1 for 1lb 6ozs.
Les Jones - 1 for 1lb 11ozs.
A delighted Les was declared the winner and presented with the Marymas Annual Trophy. He was even persuaded to remove his Midge Net for the photograph