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Highland Community Care Trust    
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers is calling for nominations of carers for a Carers Awards ceremony to be held in Glasgow on 13 November. The Carers Awards will be presented by HRH The Princess Royal, President of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, at an awards ceremony attended by carers and those who support them in the world of politics and business.

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers is looking for nominations of individual carers to recognise the unpaid work that they do and the contribution that they make to Scottish society.

80% of care in this country is provided by carers – only 20% is provided by health and social services. One person in every eight in Scotland is a carer and carers save the Scottish Executive £5.7billion every year.

John Amabile, who is a long standing supporter of the Trust and a member of its Scottish Campaign Board, will host the evening. His inimitable sense of style, humour and sensitivity will ensure that the Awards ceremony is both entertaining and informative.

A carer is someone who provides help and support to a relative or friend who cannot manage without that help due to frailty, illness, addiction or disability. A carer is unpaid. The majority of carers do not recognise themselves as carers and many become isolated as they attempt to manage many conflicting roles at great personal and emotional cost. Carers may have trouble maintaining their job, they may be struggling to make ends meet and their own relationships with friends and family members may deteriorate.

Young carers, who can be as young as primary school age, often cook, clean the house, do the shopping and supervise medicines. They can even be responsible for the personal care of a parent or take control of the family budget. The majority of young carers receive no help at all, yet they may be carrying out a caring role which even an adult would find onerous. Very often they are the only carer for a parent with a physical or mental illness.

Elaine McGonigle, Director of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers says: ‘This exciting event is planned in recognition of the huge contribution carers and care partners make across the country to our society. Without them, the social and health care systems of this country would collapse. In our 15th year, we at The Trust want to celebrate this and, at the same time, create a greater awareness of caring at all levels. We are very excited about the event and look forward to a successful and heart-warming evening in which carers will have centre stage.

Carers of any age can be nominated by family, friends, colleagues, teachers or carers themselves.

Nominations end on 20 October. To nominate a carer today, look at The Princess Royal Trust for Carers website on www.carers.org/scottishawards  or telephone 0141 221 5066.

In the Highlands, The Princess Royal Trust Highlands Carers' Project supports carers of all ages no matter what their circumstances. The Carers' Project is based at Highland House, 20 Longman Road, Inverness and can be contacted on 01 463 718 817 or by email at ghalksworth@hccf.org.uk

About Princess Royal Trust For Carers
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers was founded in October 1991 on the initiative of HRH The Princess Royal. The Trust helps carers through its network of 122 Carers Centres across the UK, offering advice, information and support. There are 29 Princess Royal Trust Carers Centres throughout Scotland, reaching from Orkney to the Borders.

There are over 600,000 adult carers in Scotland of whom around 100,000 look after someone for more than 50 hours a week.

A recent poll suggests there are over 100,000 young carers in Scotland – young people under the age of 18 who might be helping to look after a parent with physical disabilities or mental health problems, or who may be caring for a brother and sister with learning disabilities. Many of these young carers care for over 50 hours every week

Carers throughout Scotland save the Scottish Executive £5.7 billion every year.